It was around 6 in the afternoon, when my buddy sent me a Youtube link on Steam chat. I thought for a sec it was probably a silly video or something then I clicked on the link. It was actually an announcement of I LOVE ANISONG guest stars. I was preparing for the worst, maybe someone new will show up. Or it may be this certain idol group whom I adore recently. Whatever, I thought. Then I watched the darn video. Eir Aoi and FLOW, still not amused. I was a bit upset when it get to fripSide, why didn't they come to AFAID earlier. GARNiDELiA, the awesome DJ Kazu and LiSA followed. 'Meh, nothing new this year' that was what I thought at the time when May'n was the next one that get announced. I was getting ready to close the tab when suddenly an awfully familiar voice heard in the earphone. Boy, I wasn't prepared. I shouted my lung out, in somewhat combination of excited and fury. It was Yanagi Nagi herself in the flesh. Yanagi Nagi will perform live in AFA Singapore. Fucking hell. It's almost unreal.

Been following her steps since 2009, I have several mixed reaction for this news. I am of course really, really, really glad to see her getting the recognition she deserves. I am enjoying her works and so do the other people out there. Her fanbase is getting bigger day after day. I still remember the time when it was really hard to get ahold of her new doujin single, let alone to see her face. Good 'ol days. Now we can see her live. As big fan of her I cannot get more grateful for the event organizer. However I am also mad, because it looks like I cannot go to Singapore to attend the show even though there's still time to save money. They could've include her in AFAID anisongs artiste but nay, they didn't. Well they'd better invite her again next year to come to Indonesia. I'm sure as hell I'll go even if it costs me an arm and a leg.