The second season of Ore no Imouto have had its ups and downs so far, mostly downs but the latest episode has restored my hope in Japan. If nothing it implies the ending geared toward Kirino end. Even if not, at least Kirino will stay in her dere form for the rest of the show. Who am I kidding. It will have an open end because no one would dare to pull another Akasaka or Yosuga no Sora stunt. Let's wait for the last volume of the light novel instead, which will be released soon. Manami a shit.
So. Many. Feels.

Goddammit. So I've just finished watching Makoto Shinkai's The Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa) which was suddenly came out of blue about three days ago. Like other Shinkai's works, this movie talks about relationship. And of course, like other Shinkai's works, it doesn't really end well.

As usual, the visual aspect is a top-notch. Just like what you expected from the master of scenery porn. I especially like the detail put into the rain scene. It makes the movie very moody and comfy to watch.

So yeah, why don't you start watching this movie right now instead of reading this silly anime blog. It's probably one of the most 'Shinkai' out of all Shinkai's works. I dunno what the hell am I writing anymore. I should just shut down this blog already. (Nah, that wouldn't happen though, sorry to disappoint you)