Finally Haganai NEXT ended. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the second season as much as the first. It's basically the same mindless fun, no more no less. There's some noticeable character development, mainly with Rika. She's like a very different person she was in the first season. Oh there's also some "shocking" revelations with Yukimura and later Sena. New characters are quite nice addition to the already colorful cast too.

I had a little bit issue with Kodaka because of his denseness in some episode. It's fine for the first time but hearing him keep saying "Eh, what was that?" over and over again were getting really annoying real fast. Though it was later revealed why he acted like that. The end episode provides a bit hint for what the season 3 will probably about, if there is any (crossing my finger!).

Yeah, getting another season won't hurt. Maybe Rika will help Kodaka to achieve his harem ending which he dreamed of, a la To-Love-Ru Darkness. Or maybe Kodaka will man up and choose one of the girls, though I doubt that probability. Or maybe it'll be the usual harem shenanigans in which there's no change in tone from the previous seasons. Or maybe there will be no more Haganai. We don't know yet. Anyway, I enjoy this second season wholeheartedly. Though I usually never really like the genre, I have a soft spot for Haganai ever since I discovered the light novel two years ago. Holyshit, it's been two years? What am I doing with my life?
Hahaha oh wow. So basically all these times Kodaka was just pretending to be a dense motherfucker. He knew all along that those girls are trying to get into his pants. Now, normally I would be mad as hell but somehow I feel for this guy. I might be understand why he acted like that. I mean, if he choose a girl the foundation of Neighbor Club would crumble and I don't think he wants that to happen so yeah I think it's for the best. Still, there's still a probabililty that somehow a girl would end up with him and all we can do is waiting for the next two episodes.

By the way... I can't be the only one that notices how Rika is getting a lot cuter in S2 right? I even think that I might made a wrong choice by choosing Sena as my favorite Haganai (yeah, yeah I'm a Meat-fag). Rika's character is getting a well development in S2 and that makes her a lot better than other Haganai girls in my eyes. Though I don't really dig her changing her hair every damn episode. Just stick with above pic or this one:
Arrgh no good no good. I'm still a Sena fan at heart no matter what you guys said about her. 肉4life!

Cultural shock
Thermae Romae is one of my favorite sleeper hit back then in Winter 2011 (hell, it even made into my 2012 anime picks for God sake!) so I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw a new episode on  my favorite torrent site yesterday.

So as usual Lucius travels forward in time to modern day Japan but instead of bathhouse he visits an animation studio. Hilarity ensues as he discovers the wonder of moe. It was a short episode but nevertheless it was great and made me all smile. Now about those other special episodes, if only someone subbed that...
That's it. Yozora-fags can go home now.
Oh hi guys. How are you doing? It's been ages since I wrote here some months ago. Anyway let's cut the chase. Yesterday I read this manga that gave me so much feels. So I might as well share it here. It's called Koe no Katachi (The Shape of Voice). It's drawn by a fairly unknown mangaka whose her other work only consists of  Mardock Scramble. The manga is about a girl with a hearing impairment. She's bullied a lot in her new school. Rage ensues. No seriously. This manga made me really mad with burning rage of a thousand suns.Fortunately the ending is kinda cute and happy-ish. Too bad the other bullies aren't getting their payback. Where the fuck is karma when you need them?

P.S. My soft spot for girls with disabilities may or may not came from a certain pr0n game which may or may not quite popular.