Hey. Haven't blogging in a while that I kinda forgot how things work in this blog lol. With the new season started I found it the best to use the great 3-episode rule before blogging any anime. So let's have manga and video game posts for now. Starting with this Monday Manga Roundup which is about about some manga that I just completed in these few weeks. Somehow I managed to finish 3 short manga and a 11-volume manga.

Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa
Here's a manga from the renowned mangaka Nobuyuki Fukumoto. While not doing either gambling or mahjong manga, he made this manga about a pathetic old man who got involved in fighting. Reading Kurosawa is like reading a 40-year old man's diary and how your life will be if you keep fucked up everything in your life. It sure teached me some lesson not to live my life like Kurosawa.
Score: 8/10

Yuutai Nova
Ever since I started Aku no Hana I become interested to see the author's other works and hoping to find something even more crazy. So I checked two, one of them is Yuutai Nova. It definitely has an interesting start, dude can do 'spiritual release' in which he turned into a 'ghost' in his sleep. He used the power to stalk his ex-gf only to find out she already has a boyfriend, NTR ensued. But that's not the main issue: he met other people who can do spiritual release just like him and they try to rape an idol. No really.

It definitely has this crazy vibe I'm getting from AnH, mainly because of the MC's facial expression and some twisted relationship of the characters. Unfortunately it all crumbles down at the second volume, ultimately ended up with an axed ending. Still, it's a pretty decent read if you want to check Oshimi Shuuzou's earlier work.
Score: 6/10 (because of the axed ending)

Hailed from the hand of Tsuruta Kenji (Memories of Emanon, Wandering Emanon) comes this beautifully drawn manga. It's a story about a young detective in Venice and some cases surrounding an infamous thief. But the plot isn't all that important. What this manga need is more color pages. Seriously, I love Tsuruta art ever since Emanon which is probably one of the best manga I've ever read. Go read it and this manga.
Score: 8/10

Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
A borderline-H manga usually only consists of cocktease with some obnoxious story for the purpose of keeping the reader entertained after they finished jacking off. Well this one is no different, except I really like this one so much especially with the sweet vanilla romance. Basically the story goes like this: dude has a childhood friend, they got separated because the girl went to highclass school for rich people because well, her family is rich. Dude worked hard to get scholarship to get accepted into the high school. They finally met but the girl acts cold toward him but nobody else. Due to some magic shit their rooms (they live in dorm) got connected, hilarity ensued. It was found out that she's actually lusting over him for these years and due to the magic (a talking pillow that is actually a god) once in a day she lost her self control for an hour and she reveals her true self.

Excuse my terrible wording, basically the story is like that. It is a very NSFW manga so I won't recommend you reading it at public places. It's only 5 chapters but all of them are satisfying (at least for me). The art is good, the main girl is cute and lewd, the ecchi and story are well-balanced. What's not to like?
Score: 9/10

P.S. This manga constantly made me jelly of the main character. Why can't I be him? Subaru is so damn cute!
Evangelion 3.0 in a nutshell
Haha is it time already? Well let's get on my impression of Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. Oh in case you're wondering, of course this is gonna be full of spoilers.

Hey looks it's everyone and their grandpa's favorite redhead tsundere. Now with eyepatch add-on for your fetish fuel!

Meet new Misato and Ritsuko. She's now the captain of a flying battle ship ala Yamato. No, really.

...And there he is, our main character which is probably one of the most hated protagonist in the history of Japanese cartoon.

Oh ha ha ha. Shinji status: [x] Told

Toji's imouto is cute.

Wait, his little sister? But she looks as old as Shinji? How that's possible?
Well it's because...

Yep, 3.0 took place 14 years after the event in last movie. B-but how come Shinji still looks like the same as ever?

The answer is LCL magic a.k.a. The Curse of Eva. I think the liquid prevents aging. Or probably it's just because they're Asians. I dunno.

Suddenly Rei clone bursting out to pick up Shinji.

The organization Misato is helming now is aiming to stop Shinji to pilot Eva again. They tried to stop Shinji.

But of course they failed because if they were succeed the movie would end right there.

Shinji went back to the good ol NERV headquarter where he met Kaworu...

...Cyborg Gendou...

....and of course naked Rei. No Evangelion anime would be complete without naked Rei.

Guess what was happening here. Protip: it involved something gay.

 DUN DUN DUN!! Here comes another big revelation: The Third Impact happened and it was triggered by Shinji. Apparently almost all of humanity wiped by it. Well shit.


Suddenly a shogi match out of nowhere.

 Fuyutsuki told Shinji a tale of her mother. Of course with some 2deep4u imagery.


 The following scenes are familiar so I'm just gonna to skip them.


Kaworu told Shinji that the only things that can redo his action and fix the world are two lances that buried in depth of terminal dogma of Nerv HQ.

They piloted the new two-seat type Evangelion, Eva-13 and headed to bring back the lances. Rei followed them as backup.

Wille sent Asuka and Mari to stop them. Fight is unavoidable.

Unfortunately the battle scene in this camrip is very blurry that I hardly can tell what happened in the screen.

Long story short all of these are according to Gendou masterplan to create the Fourth Impact. As Shinji got the lances, soon shit was tumbling down.



Fortunately, Kaworu saved the day! He successfully stopped the Fourth Impact from happening by sacrificing his life. (Is it just me or Kaworu is less annoying here than his counterpart in the series? I actually kinda like him in this movie, no homo)

His death is less tragic (in fact I laughed everytime I look at the screenshot) than in the series but of course our 14-year old boy main protagonist still scarred by the sight. Well watching your friend lost their head isn't really nice.

And so the world is once again saved by bunch of teenagers.

But wait! It's not over yet!

Rest in peace Walkman-kun. You've done well to survive Third and Fourth Impact.

 The end.

Oh and preview for the next and last movie.

Final Impact? Doh ho ho Anno you.

Okay last note from me.

I think this movie is pretty good, might even better than previously two movies (since this one has much more new content) if only not for the slow start and the lack of battle scene. The movie started to pick up its pace at almost 1 hour which is considered really slow if you expected mecha actions. Another one of my complain is Mari is arguably useless in this movie even though she's the star (kinda) of the previous installment. I know we don't have much time for introducing all new characters but at least they could try.

I agree that this movie needs to be watched in glorious High Definition for full enjoyment. The last battle and the Fourth Impact scene are really blurry in the camrip. I can only imagine what it feels like watching those scenes in 1080p monitor (which I don't actually have). If you cannot wait for BD release and wanting to watch this camrip it's fine. It's not as bad as Shoushitsu camrip back then (which unwatchable by me so didn't). It has a little sound problem but still bearable. The video quality is well you can see it yourself in the screenshot.

I don't care whatever people said about this rebuild installment, I still enjoy it very much. I consider it really worth the wait. Last but not least, the bottomline of Evangelion 3.0 is, as any of the stuff from Evangelion series, what the fuck did I just watch?