Holy damn, I almost had heart attack when they announced Mittermeyer's death. Turned out it was a false alarm. All is well.

Now with both sides are suffering from heavy losses, they are retreating to their respective bases. Kaiser Reinhard offered a peace solution to Yang's Fleet, but he hasn't reply it yet. Will Yang accept it and the universe will finally be at peace?

I like the fact that Muller is kinda act as a plot armor to Reinhard. I can't wait to see how that Iron Shield gonna be defeated. Also, Bittenfield is still alive and kicking. I thought he's going to commit suicide or something but the bastard isn't the type who want to do that.

The next episode preview make me depressed. Is it finally the time? Isn't it too soon? ;__;
I was about to complain that Diebuster was kinda weak in overall compared to its spiritual predecessor, Gunbuster. Until I watched the ending credit rolled in. Man, the ending almost brought me to tears. I can say Diebuster is worth watching just for its ending.

But yeah, it's not nearly as good as its prequel. What I like in Gunbuster (its pseudoscience, time dilation element) almost doesn't exist in Diebuster. The only thing that makes Diebuster superior than Gunbuster is its animation. I also quite like Nono and Larc character design. The plot itself was pretty weak and the characters aren't really likeable.

That being said, I enjoyed the ride Diebuster gave me. Even though it lacks in overall, the fantastic ending made it up for me. Kudos to Gainax for that.
Well it's not like I didn't see it coming a mile away. Still, I've a bit mixed feeling to see the character design. I prefer the manga design if you ask me. Regardless of that, I hope they keep the drama CD cast in the upcoming anime. I mean, FukuJun as Hero and Ami Koshimizu as Demon Queen? If this does not scream "Spice and Wolf S3!" I don't know what does. Also, Miyuki Sawashiro as Female Knight. That's freaking perfect job for her. I have another concern regarding the animation studio. I wish worst case scenario (DEEN, JC) will not happen.
So I'm in holiday and I thought that these are good times to start working through my countless backlogs. These include anime, manga and video games backlog. These are several of them that I already completed.

Black Lagoon (and sequels)
Honestly I've never watch the anime before. It doesn't really matter since I've already read the manga hundred times. Still, seeing those run 'n gun sequences are one of the thing you cannot miss if you are a fan of action genre. My favorite arc is the one that involving the twins.
Black Lagoon: 9/10
The Second Barrage: 9/10
Roberta's Blood Trail: 8/10

Bloody hell. This must be one of the most depressing anime I've ever watched. Literally everyone dies in the end. Whoops, sorry to spoil you. I like the atmosphere of this show. The dark town of Lux, the sewer, the "Outside World", those places really feels alive to me. This anime is definitely need to be rewatched someday.
Rating: 9/10

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
It's one of those anime that you can't really find its weakness. Everything feels perfectly fine. Intense action, smart conversation, amazing characters, you name it. However I gave it a 9 out of 10, just because I'm an ass. Sure, it is a perfect anime but not my favorite so I can't give it a full score.
Rating: 9/10

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Bide your time... And hold out hope! Another one that close to being perfect. Once I start watching it I'm always on the edge of my seat. The Count is a fascinating character. He's so manipulative that I always feel he's going to be a great villain in other anime. I haven't read the original story ye but I'm planning to do so (after I'm done with Les Miserables).
Rating: 9/10

ざわ‥ ざわ‥
Rating: 8/10 (for losing his ear and fingers)

You can call it some kind of preparation before watching the second season. But honestly I can't really say that it's that great. Sure it's a nice comedy and there are cute microbes here and there (I mean, microbes! Cute!) but that's all it can offer.
Rating: 8/10 (I was going to give it a 7 but a plus for the cute tranny.

Not really much to say here since I'm still on episode 2.

Crest of the Stars
Idem with above. I already fall in love with the setting of this one though.

Akame ga Kill
It's pretty fun to read. Typical shonen stuff except it comes with some violent twist. The characters are OK. Still ongoing currently at chapter 26.
Cute girl killing each other: The Manga
Dowman Sayman
He's a great mangaka that I've yet to known until recently. One of his famous work is Voynich Hotel. Currently reading that. Also, finished his other work called Nickelodeon Red. It's weird stuff but I love it. His style reminds me of Kumeta (of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei fame).

Inio Asano
I'm also re-reading some of Inio Asano's stuff like Solanin and Hikari no Machi. Still great as always. Especially Nijigahara Holograph. I cannot bring myself to re-read Punpun though, that's too hard for my mind and soul ;_;

Video Games
Hitman Blood Money
Man, this game kicks so much ass. That final mission in funeral was really awesome. Too bad some of the missions were too easy (the one in house with pool also the wedding) while the other were just plain great. My favorite way to kill? Pushing some old guy off the balcony.
Score: 9/10
Merry Christmas to you too, 47
Would you kindly stop praising Bioschock so much? Hell, I wouldn't. Because it deserves the praise. Definitely one of the most immersive FPS to date since Half Life 2. Also, the final boss fight was one of my most memorable moment in video game. Where else you can find a game that let little girls help you fight the boss?
Score: 9/10

The Walking Dead Episode 2
RIP Mark (and his leg). I won't miss you since I don't even know you well.
Score: 8/10

Currently playing this shit. It's fun (obviously), great looking (even for today standard), and the most important you can explore anywhere on the map. The only downside is the boring mission. "Player, go to the place I marked with X on the map!" "Player, infiltrate the enemy base but don't make too much noise!" No fuck you, I won't listen to you. I'm gonna bomb the hell outta the place, I hope you fine with that.
Score: 8/10

Visual Novel
Not much to write here, I'm only planning to read Muvluv but still can't find the right time to do it.

I don't know about you, but I am currently still enjoying the fuck out of Space Bros. One of the main reason is Mutta. As a main character, he's been really entertaining from the beginning. He's funny not because of his stupidity but rather because of his quirkyness. He's smart alright but sometimes he thinks different from the others. This alone made him one of the most interesting character I've seen recently. The show itself still being awesome as usual. I'm sure Space Brothers will become one of the best anime of the year.
Who's curious for low quality eye cancer Chitanda's bust? Because I sure as hell am.

If I recalled correctly, this is the first time KyoAni doing an OVA dedicated to fanservice since FMP (glorious Tessa!). And I must say I am kinda... disappointed. Nothing really exciting about this episode except for watching Oreki doing Oreki things and the previously mentioned bust. So you don't really need to watch this ASAP, just wait for the BD release. You don't want to catch dem eye cancer, do you?

Just fuck already, you two.
I'm glad I'm still watching this show. Sure, this is one of that 'monster of the week' type of anime but I'm lying if I said this isn't interesting. Sure, it takes time to get into the show but once I got into episode 21 and 22 it's all worth it. Not sure if that relevant to the fact that this is babby's first Precure (except for Futari wa Precure but that's because it was aired on local channel back then). Anyway, I'm looking forward to next episode. Can't wait for that power-up dress!

NB. This season's anime suck except for Jinrui and I haven't even watch that.
Hello guys, long time no see, etc etc. These several weeks had been some sort of hell for me, I didn't have any passion to write anything nor did I find something interesting to blog. However those days are finally over and I've sorted some things and I hope I can start writing again.

Yesterday I heard Witch-Hunt released the English patch for the trial version of Ryukishi07's new work Rose Guns Days. You can't really call me a die-hard fan of R07 but I do enjoy all of the stuffs he wrote. I also a bit curious with Rose Guns Days so I decided to give it a try.

The story is pretty straightforward: set in 1947, after Japan losing WWII because of natural disaster. American and Chinese are everywhere, since they are "helping" the Japones. The main character Leo are searching for job when he stumbles upon a young lady in trouble. He helps her and she offers him a job to become her bodyguard. (Well, it's not exactly like that but you get the point)

To sum up my impression after reading the trial: it was definitely interesting. The main character Leo is quite likeable. He's like a bastard child of Spike Siegel and Dante. The rest of the casts are so far so good too. I still cannot predict where the story is going but I can see its potential. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that this visual novel has some sort of mini game where you "attack and defend" in a fight. Not very entertaining, I say. Fortunately the mini game doesn't last long (only one or two minutes).

The art is very good. The character designs are, umm attractive to say at least. And the music, my God the music. If I'm gonna choose the most awesome factor in Rose Guns Days, it's the music. Just listen to this and this. Classy as fuck. I can feel my moustache is growing just from listening to that jazzy soundtrack.

The release of full version of the game is planned sometimes in 2012, let us wish Witch-Hunt a good luck so they can work on the patch quickly. Speaking of Ryukishi07 game I haven't review Higanbana yet so I maybe I'm gonna blog that later. Oh also, summer anime suck a lot. See ya.