Well, I read Psycho's post and it looks kinda fun to write so I make my own list. Here's the list of my favorit H mangaka:

Kisaragi Gunma
My favorite doujinka forever. I love every lines of his drawing, as he is the master of creating cute girls in every one of his works. This man here will be a legend soon.

Takeda Hiromitsu
His works are pretty nasty, but I love his art. Especially dem ahegao.

No, not Gabriel Tosh, that terran spectre from Starcraft II. Tosh has some funny works to date, enough to make me smiling while fapping enjoying his beautiful art.

To tell you the truth, I don't really find Cuvie's artwork to be special. It is the story that I like from him rather than the drawing. Sometimes his works are vanilla but more often than not there are some heartbreaking stories in his doujin.

One of two of my favorite vanilla doujinka. His works are often cute and heartwarming.

Originally this spot was reserved for Homunculus but recently I took a liking to Napata whose vanilla works are amazing. Just look at that artwork.

Naoshi Onizuka
If you are a lolicon and a fan of incest, look no further than Onizuka Naoshi's works. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Shiwasu no Okina
Great for shit and giggles. Seriously, I laugh way harder when reading his works than when reading "It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular".

Those are some of my favorite H mangaka. There are more actually, like Shunjyo Shusuke, Yamatogawa, Shinden Akira, Sameda Koban, Kensoh Ogawa and many more. But I don't think I need to list all of them, do I?
So two of the most entertaining shows from Winter were over. Daily Lives of High School Boys (also known as Nichibros) and Another. So did I enjoy these shows? Yes. A lot.

First, Nichibros. I really love Nichibros. It's the kind of anime that you'd like to watch with a few bros in your school or campus and laugh together with them. It's a nice feeling.

I don't want it to end at all. But as the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end". I really hope one day we will get a second season of this.

Next, it's Another. Another is like Final Destination. You're waiting warmthly every minutes to see who else bites the dust. Except it's funnier.

I don't say that's a bad thing actually. Another is trying too hard to be scary and I find that amusing. Every death seems hilarious, mainly because I don't care with the characters. I only seek for the mystery behind the so called curse. Anyway, it's pretty nice.

With two of them were over, officially Winter season has ended. Now, looking forward to spring...
Oh hai Adachi, the mastermind behind murder cases in Inaba. Also known as rapist. I ain't even mad with him. I just want to see Brotag kicks his sorry ass with his Izanagi. Next week is the last ep, so I doubt it'll be the true ending.
What the fuck happened?

Another noitaminA anime kisses us goodbye and it certainly nothing better than the other show in the same channel (God forbid me to call upon its name). So Black★Rock Shooter. I watched the OVA back then in 2010, it wasn't bad but there was no real selling point to the anime other than the cool fight scenes. The story was rather bland and cliche, but I did like the 'other world personality' concept. So I was hoping the TV series at least can do much better in the story department.

Boy, was I wrong.

First, they changed several character design. Fine. Even though Yomi looks like a granny in that glasses there must be somebody with megane moe that can appreciates that kind of thing. Then they introduced new characters. Uhh, I guess it's alright as far as she's not annoyDAMN THAT BRAT IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING NO YOU GO HOME AND EAT YOUR FUCKING MACARONS YOU FUCKER. Yeah, to make the story longer you need to add some important side characters right. After several episodes I realized something: the story didn't even make sense at all.

So there is a girl who fights in the other world to endure your pain and psychological pressure. Or something like that. And this girl must have a silly name like Black Rock Shooter, Black Gold Saw, or SUTORENGUSU. They fight each other with big weapons in the middle of apocalypse bathroom. The catch is, if the girls lose you will be free of your problem. What the hell.

The drama part was irritating as well. BAWW SHE'S PLAYING BASKETBALL WITH OTHER GIRL SHE MUST BE HATE ME NOW. HURR DURR I CAN'T MAKE ANY FRIENDS OTHER THAN YOU PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE. God, if anyone doesn't see that as "forced drama" I don't know what is.

But I finished it anyway, there's no remorse. I cannot recommend this show to anyone other than those people who enjoys terribad anime. I doubt they're gonna like the show though.
Thank god, it's finally over.

Guilty Crown will be always remembered as the dark side of noitaminA and anime industry in general. Looking back at the start of Fall 2011, I was pretty hyped with this anime. And you were probably hyped too. Looking at the staff lists, there're some notable names such as director of Death Note, redjuice and even ryo. The premise was pretty promising. Nothing seemed to go wrong at that moment.

And then the first episode came out, I sensed some similarity with Code Geass but too bad the main character wasn't appealing to me. I still forgave the show at that time, wishing it will improve. Several episodes later, everything just went full retard. There's just too much stupidity in the anime I lost the count. And I went like, "Fuck it, I dropped this shit right away." But the week after that, I found myself watching the latest episode while still cursing the badly written plot. I finally knew that feel: You drop Guilty Crown every week just to pick it up again in the next week.

After that point, I didn't care anymore. I watch the shit for its hilarious and trainwrecked comedy. I knew I wasn't the only one who felt like that. I read people trash-talking about Guilty Crown on Twitter and Facebook everyweek, and I always found that laugh-worthy. I always join the discussion about this show only to boil the rage of the butthurted fanboys. It felt really good, man.

In my life I never hate any anime like Guilty Crown. Yet I still wait for the subs to come out every Friday. My mind and body unconsciously do that without my permission. I think I can't forget Guilty Crown any time soon, even if I want to delete my memories about this abominable Japanese animation. No thanks to you Guilty Crown, and fuck you. Fuck you and I hope OH MA SHOE and his co. will go to hell for appearing in this Godforsaken show.
After some time, I finally got free time to watch this movie. This movie is adaptation of Hiyori arc from the manga which spanned from chapter 35-40. The arc without a doubt is my favorite because it was different from the usual content of the manga. It was thrilling the first time I read the chapters which was quite a rare feeling when it came to Sora no Otoshimono, a manga filled with hilarity and nonsense. So how does this adaptation turned out?

My first impression of the movie was bad. Why, you ask? It was a goddamn recap for the first goddamn 40 minutes or so, that's why. Fortunately I was not in sleepy state otherwise I would surely hit the sack rather than watch this movie thus missed the joy of watching it. It was still bearable though, because we got to see the recap from Hiyori's point of view. But I advise you to skip to the main content if you yawn too much. You won't miss anything important.

Once you pass the recap segment, let the fun begin. Hiyori herself is the main attraction of the movie. Hiyori is my favorite character among all the female characters in Sora no Otoshimono. Mainly because her honest personality and she was the first person who admit she likes Tomoki. She's quite a beauty too. It is so unfortunate that she's kinda sidetracked in the recent manga chapter probably because Sohara and the Angeloids can't win from her.

The plot was slightly different from the manga. I was mad that AIC cut several part from the manga, particularly the "train" part (if you read the manga as well you should know). They also cut some little detail such as the white chocolates. I think if they didn't put too much time in the recap they can add those parts to the movie. The battle and the ending were different too. The movie ending was kinda bittersweer or more like a Downer ending. No pun intended. I don't know the reason behind this but at least the ending wasn't as fucked up as Forte.

Well, look at me. All I did was complaining about how the movie is different from the manga. I completely missed the fact that I quite enjoyed it even though the usual comedy was kinda toned down. I also must applaud the production value on this movie, especially the battle visual effect. The soundtrack was well done as usual too.

Overall, Sora no Otoshimono Tokeijikake no Angeloid was an enjoyable watch for me. Sora no Otoshimono is one of the few ecchi anime that I don't mind watching because the story is good (albeit a bit cliche). This movie is recommended for the fans of the manga and anime as long as you can stand a few changes from the original content. For this movie, I would give 8/10.

P.S. Looking forward to season three (and let us just forget how Forte ended)
Soooooo gaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Hell yea, Mirai Nikki is back being awesome once again! No, it isn't related with the kissing scene between Yukkii and Akise, I swear. Let me show you why this episode kicks ass:
That is Akise Aru's head, after being decapitated by Yuno using a combat knife. Really awesome. I remember this chapter in the manga is one of my favorite chapters. Too bad the anime used censorship so I guess we need to wait for the BD to see this scene uncensored.

The part where Yukkii massacred all his friends was kinda heartbreaking too (oh lawdy me.) Also, he wrote the names of all the person he killed in a note, haha such a funny boy. Man, I can't wait for the trainwreck episode that will follow this episode. I'm not worried that Nichibros will end next week because Mirai Nikki's hilarity is second to none.
My favorite girl that got so little screentime :(
Nisemonogatari is probably the most memorable anime of the season, or even of the year. That's for me, at least. There's just so many things I remember fondly about this anime. From the first episode until the last. From the episode where Hitagi abused Araragi, Araragi molested Hachikuji, the lovely Hanekawa, the Fire Sisters, loli bathing and of course, the toothbrush episode. Though I must admit the ending episode isn't as beautiful and memorable as the 12th episode of Bakemonogatari (yes, I count that as the last episode.)

Araragi got what he deserved after what he had done during all of the episodes
This closing episode, at least, has some action instead of talking the way out of the conflict like in the end of Karen Bee. So we got this sense of closure. One of the surprise is that we get to see teen version of Shinobu! I like it better than the adult version or loli version. We've yet to see the story behind Shinobu and her connection with Araragi. Save that for Kizumonogatari movie (coming soon in summer!) or better read the novel.

Another surprise is that the episode ended the way it should be, contrary to my previous belief that Nisemonogatari would also have special webcast episodes. Now that I think about it carefully, the problems in Nisemonogatari can be solved just in 3 or 4 episodes. No really. You know what makes it looks longer? Fanservice.

He kissed his (not real) sister. Another reason why I want to beat Araragi.
Hmm what more can I say about the fanservice? We've got all kind of fetishes. Fortunately, the fanservice in Nisemonogatari is classy. But still, porn is porn. It's hard not to classified Nisemonogatari as a smut anime. A smut with plot. And toothbrush.

Honestly at this point I don't know what I'm trying to say anymore. It's hard to describe what exactly I like about this show. Yet, I like it so much. I laughed and raged during the time I watch Nisemonogatari. I curse Araragi everytime I jelly of him. I HHHNNGG'd everytime I heard Shinobu talked. I smile everytime I see Hitagi. Damn, there's so much love for this anime I can't even contain it using words..

Dayum, aren't she a hot babe!
Okay, time to end this nonsense post. Overall, I really, really, really like Nisemonogatari. I always look forward to watch it on Sunday. Now it's kinda sad that there's no more of it. I'm gonna miss the characters a lot. Well, we all know that Nisio Isin is planning to make all his works adapted to anime so let's hoping for Nekomonogatari (the next volume) anime next year! Also, the Kizumonogatari movie, because we'll eventually watch the BD release anyway. Speaking of Kizumonogatari, I'm currently in the middle of reading the novel and I promise I'll finish it this time. I think that's all that I need to write. See you again, Nisemonogatari!
Persona 4 has gotten better recently. This episode was no exception. A lot of things happened in this episode, one of the highlight is that Nanako is somehow miraculously survived/came back to life. Welp, so much for grimdark plot.

Other than that, I love the episode. Especially the part where Brotag was trying to throw Namatame into TV. Man, that was emotional. The characters have already grew on me so much. I think if they don't mess with the rest episodes, Persona 4 is going to be one of my favorite anime of the year.
Goddamn, this show is getting worse and worse. That's so unfortunate. Now I only watch it for shit and giggles.
You don't say.

How Araragi hasn't been reported to the police is beyond me. He's abusing and molesting young girls on daily basis, if that's not a crime I don't know what is.
Nanako ;__; WHY BAD ENDING?? WHY??

The fight with Namatame shadow is the best fight in the anime so far. Especially when Yu summoned Dragon Ball Kohryu and "Reach Out To The Truth" kicked in. That was awesome. I hope the final battle will be as awesome as this.
Behold, we've witnessed the birth of JeShus in this episode.

Welp, the virus came from space. I repeat, it came from the friggin' space. That's not even trying anymore. Everything can happens in the space.

To be honest the episode wasn't bad at all. The flashback scene wasn't as stupid as I thought it would be. That's it until we've back to Oh Ma Shoe and co. So what, they're gonna rescue Inori? That's what we got after we went through 20 episodes? Durr hurr hurr. Well, like I care about the plot anyway. Have this nice raep face instead:
Exactly my face when I watched the episode.

Well, to sums up the situation:
-Black Rock Shooter transforms into the bad guy (or girl or whatever)
-Saya-chan enters the "other world" and becomes a huge face on the floor.
-Yuu used to be a human but now she's probably a ghost because she doesn't age nor she has shadow.
-Kotori Asobi-chan finally regains her sense.

Well, talk about confusing development. I love how BRS story doesn't make any sense yet I still watch it for its plot (and the action!)
I actually wanted to write about a few interesting things that catch my attention lately but they ended up too short for different posts so I just crammed them here in a single post. So.. *ahem* let's start.

Watching The Princess and the Pilot
The Princess and the Pilot is... well, a nice movie. It has several cool dogfight scenes and uhh, cool airplanes. So if you like those sort of things, this movie is definitely recommended to watch.

Gyo sucks
Well to be precise, the OVA sucks balls. I just didn't feel the same way as when I read the manga. You see, the horror in the manga is pretty scary and hilarious at the same time. You know, the usual Junji Ito's black humor. The main character in the manga is that guy Tadashi, not his girlfriend. His uncle played an important role more in the manga. There is no tentacle rape in the manga. And, Kaori turned into that fish thing in the end. The manga is awesome. The OVA? Not so much. Also, the OVA needs more GASHUNK.

I wonder if ufotable made this OVA to be more plausible for the mainstream audience. Guys, can't we get a nice (and scary, boo!) horror animu for once? How about somebody makes a short anime adaptation of The Enigma of Amigara Fault? Anyone?

Starting LOGH
It is finally my time for this masterpiece. I know it will be a long and harsh journey but I swear I won't ever back down. Currently already watched 3 episodes, so that's like 107 episodes to go. Well, there was a time when I watched a hundred episodes of Naruto in a week (if only I can turn back time!) so somehow I'm sure I can pull this off.

...The main problem is, downloading all those episodes is a pain in the arse with my crappy internet connection. It sucks to live in the third world.

Smile Precure is the miracle of the universe
Before you shouted, "wait what?" Let me clarify it: yes, I watch Smile Precure. One day a devil showed up next to me and whispered to my ear, "Watch Smile Precure. It's the best thing you'll ever watch in your entire life" or something like that (o hai bro fallendevil!) so I went to the nearest download site and grabbed all the available episodes like there is no tomorrow. And I watched it. I watched it and I couldn't stop. When I came into sense again I had finished all the five available episodes I begged for more Precure. At that point I realized I've eaten the forbidden fruit. I know I shouldn't get excited when watching a cartoon for little girls. But I can't not get excited. This show had everything I love about anime.

Okay, that paragraph was so exagerrated. I love Smile Precure but I don't know how long I can last with this show. But oh well, forget about that, let's enjoy it while it lasted!

(Also, Cure Peace is the best Precure. Just sayin')

supercell new singles
supercell released two new singles, The Everlasting Guilty Crown with chelly on the vocal and Kokuhaku/Bokura no Ashiato which songs sung by koeda. While I admit I'm not really craving into their vocals, I quite like the new singles.

Originally I was on the side of "koeda-hater" as I got confuse with ryo's decision for changing nagi on the vocal with two young vocalists whose name I didn't ever heard of. My Dearest single's B-side wasn't that good (though My Dearest song itself is awesome) and Departures single is rather bland for a supercell work.

However these two singles are somehow a lot better that the previous two. Let's just say it's more appealing to my music taste. I know, the fact that nagi's era in supercell was ended is hard to overcome but here's hoping for those young 'uns koeda and chelly can follow her footsteps. Oh and speaking of nagi...

New nagi x Jun Maeda collaboration album
nagi herself is holding up well with her collaboration with Jun Maeda. Their album titled Owari no Hoshi no Love Song will be released in April. For once, I'd like to buy an original album! There are three PVs of her songs uploaded at YouTube be sure to check them!

Welp, the post seems longer than I expected. Oh well who cares anyway. No one reads this post I'm sure. Oh, and if you happen to read this post (which is unlikely) then thank you very much for taking your time and see you in the next post in this lovely blog!
Well damn said, Araragi. Well damn said.

You know, I was kinda afraid that Nisemonogatari couldn't top last week's glorious episode anymore but boy was I wrong. Sure this week's episode didn't have the same impact as the last however it has its moment. Particularly the one with Mayoi and also Kanbaru:
Dear me, she's so cute with those twintails!

Other than that, surprisingly this episode has some plot advancement. How exciting! ...But I only care slightly about the plot or whatsoever because, who in their right minds watch porn for the plot? Definitely not me! (protip: Nise is porn disguised in anime form)

Anyway, Nisemonogatari will end in episode 11. That's 2 episodes more to go. I wonder if SHAFT will pull the same trick they did with Bake, by releasing several more episodes via webcast. Because I'm not sure if Tsukihi Phoenix arc can be finished at episode 11.

PS. I forgot to mention this:
Seriously, fuck you. Fuck you for ruining that perfect ponytail. Yes, I'm mad. I don't even know if I can survive the rage when Hitagi cuts her hair later. The tears will be delicious.
So P4 is entering the final arc. The few last episodes will be exciting. You know, bitches and whores.