I usually despise any kind of filler in my chinese cartoon. But when it comes to Persona 4, I don't mind at all. In fact, these two episodes are the funniest episodes so far. I have seen school festival episode and onsen episode countless time in anime, yet everything seems fresh in P4. I'm not sure why but it's probably because of the characters.

The school festival episode is funny already and then we have the onsen episode. Goddamn, that episode is killing me. One of these days I wish P4 will have a Fumoffu-like spin off which focused only on comedy aspect. A man can dream.

I'd hit Teddie. I mean, who wouldn't?
Wait, since when did Mirai Nikki become a romance anime?

This anime is somehow unintentionally funny. Betrayal, killingfest, Bond-like car chase (with bad CG!), face heel turn, plot twist.... these are several ingredients to use  if you want to make a superb comedy anime such as Mirai Nikki. I dare you to watch the scene where Minene lost her hand and not laugh. Oh boy, that scene was so funny because it reminds me of certain anime where the protagonist lost his arm! Rofl XD
A little part of me died inside after watching this episode. I mean, oh dear God. This fucking episode. THIS, FUCKING, EPISODE. It was glorious. God bless Japan. Nippon banzai.
Hey, guess what? A Steins;Gate special fanservice episode!

When I say "fanservice", I don't mean jiggling boobs and asses but more like a treat for the fans of the series. Steins;Gate is in my top ten anime of 2011, so I'm kinda glad to see all the characters once again. Everything I like from the series, except the sci-fi thingy, are in this OVA. They even include a bonus character, who is Daru's future waifu:
Too bad we don't get to see how exactly she ended up with that Daru.

My favorite part of the episode is the lovey dovey part when Okarin talked to Kurisu near the end. I got this fluffy feeling when watched the scene. I also like how the episode ended abruptly just as the sexual tension between those two were reaching a critical status.

I don't know how that teathrical release of Steins;Gate will turned out but I sure as hell don't mind with more Mad Scientist goodness. Looks like I really need to continue reading the VN.

So, what, you girls barely know each other, only met for several weeks and you're expecting her to be your best friend already? Nope sorry, you logic doesn't apply on current society, lady.

Society logic aside, I'm surprise finding myself liking this episode. Oh man, all of those DORAMAZ. Honestly, I didn't think it was an impressive episode at the start but it turned out so well. The plot itself is intriguing (lol), could it be that Saya-sensei is Black★Gold Saw? It appears so. We don't know yet. If there any complain I have about this episode, I say it's the action scene that kinda missing. Hopefully next episode will fix that!
So because I got all day free today, I planned to catch up with my backlogged show. And guess what, I decided  to watch Mirai Nikki, of all things.

I remember I was blogging about it back then. My last Mirai Nikki blog post was episode 8. I watched several episode after that, but none of them was interesting enough to blogged. I was kinda dropped it at episode 13.

However today, I was able to catch up with the latest episode. And I must say, Mirai Nikki is almost gotten better after episode 15. Almost.

The adaptation so far is pretty close to the manga. Kudos to the animation studio. However that can lead a certain problem to the viewer who already finished the manga. For an anime that throws plot twists everywhere, those kind of surprise is important. Unfortunately, for me the shock value is lost because I kow exactly what's going to happen next.

But don't let that bother you. Mirai Nikki is a rather nice anime that continues to surprises you, both in a good and bad way. I think I'm gonna blogging this series again for next episodes.
"Even in this dull days and this worthless place, the only thing you can change is yourself! That's why, as long as you remain yourself... 
this world will be yours."
Let me say this in the front: Oyasumi Punpun is one of the greatest manga I've ever read. And you too, should read this manga so you can feel what I feel.

Oyasumi Punpun (or Goodnight Punpun, for you non-weeaboos) is a coming-of-age manga by Inio Asano. You might've known his name from his other works such as Solanin or Nijigahara Holograph. The story is about a boy named Punpun and how he lives his life. We see how he grows up, falls in love, and makes friends. Pretty regular stuff, isn't it? Except Punpun (and his family) is drawn as a silly caricatured bird you see in picture above and the fact that there is some Inio Asano-esque surrealistic thingie in this manga such as Afro God that shows up whenever Punpun chants "Dear God, Dear God, Tinkle-tinkle hoy!".

Yes, he's God
Despite that, I must say that this manga is a friggin' realistic portrayal of life. As in, life is hard and growing up sucks. Here we see Punpun's struggle in his life which pretty much can be anyone else's life. There are times when I told my self while reading this, "Hey, this happens in my life" and there are also times when I had to stopped reading and sighed because the plot grew darker and darker as I progressed. Yeah you read it right, this is a manga filled with depression and irony. But I couldn't stop there, I had to continue.

Inio Asano once again amazed with his ability in storytelling as well as beautiful art. This guy knows how to draw his works in highly-detailed art. Every background in this manga is absolutely amazing. And as I said before, there are some surreal scenes too. I think now I can grouped Inio Asano among my other favorites surreal mangaka like Suehiro Maruo, Usamaru Furuya, Taiyou Matsumoto and Nishioka Brosis.

Quick, make a wish!
To put it bluntly, Oyasumi Punpun is simply a masterpiece. It's touching, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is realistic and surreal at the same time. Yes, it's deep and thought-provoking as well as funny and disturbing. I cannot recommend you this series highly enough. This review maybe not exactly described what the manga is about so do yourself a favor and read this manga now. You can grab the scanlated version from Hox's mediafire folder.
I've been putting up this visual novel on hold for too long. I remember I've never passed that gruesome scene during the first minute. However several days ago, somehow I did manage to read it till finished.

Depressing. That's probably the closest word to describe my opinion about Saya no Uta. Word after word, scene by scene passed, I felt like a sword had been plunged into my heart, leaving a large hole in my chest. The tragedy that appeared only got worse and worse as the game goes on. When you got the gist about what happened behind all the tragedies, it was at that time Saya no Uta began to strike hard. Really hard.

The story is about a guy who, because of an accident, had to undergo a brain surgery to save his life. However his perception of the world began to change after the surgery. The world he saw was a bloody world (literally) and the people looked and talked like a monster to him. He almost driven to suicide but one day he met a beautiful girl named Saya, among the flesh-covered walls.

As you may see, this is not a nice and fluffy fairy tale. This is a tragic story, filled with blood and tears. I'm sure the content is able to make a normal person shivers. Yes, there are gore, rape, murder and among others, cannibalism. If one of those words makes you cringe then probably you should stay away from this VN.

As a visual novel, Saya no Uta is a rather brief one. It only took me about a day to finish it. During the story I counted a grand total 4 choices available which means you only meet two branching plots. For the ending, well, none of them can be called 'happy'. There are 3 endings and every one of them is quite memorable for me. They were those type of ending that made my mind went blank, and I felt an emptyness in my heart.

Overall, Saya no Uta is an excellent visual novel. It was able to stir my mood up and down (mostly down). It, however, hadn't able to top Kara no Shoujo which left me a very bad aftertaste and made me feel down for the rest of week. And don't even get me started on Yume Miru Kusuri. But still, Saya no Uta is one little gem that you shouldn't miss. I heard its fan-translated patch is getting licensed by JAST, but I'm sure you still can find it somewhere on the interwebz. Not that I support piracy though.

*Ahem* Sorry.

Sigh, if you were not gonna give us the scene then you shouldn't gave us a cliffhanger in the last episode. However, this episode was pretty entertaining so I guess I could forgive Shaft this time. I mean, dude, that conversation with Hitagi was so damn hilarious especially the "Hanekawa-sama" part and "Goshuujin" part. I guess it means that Hitagi realized that she eventually would lost Araragi to Tsubasa so she must respect her more. Mmm yeah, I can't wait to see those two meet again.

Oh boy do I miss this show and those 'unique' characters in it. Denpa Onna was the sleeper hit (or at least it was mine) from the Spring season last year. It didn't have any particular good plot or whatsoever, but I did enjoy my time with Erio, Ryuushi, Maekawa and others. It is that type of anime that brings warm and fuzzy feeling inside whenever I watch it. You know that feel.

This last episode was cut during the air time due to earthquake. It is put in the BD instead so this is more like an extra or special episode. There's nothing much on this episode, just some usual stuff. Itoko went to summer festival with Ryuushi which almost made me believe this anime would choose Ryuushi's end. Too bad Itoko must met with Erio to see meteor rain so he ditched Ryuushi. Poor girl. Yashiro made a rather  shiny appereance too, confirmed the fact that she ain't a normal person. My disappointment came from the minimal screen time for Maekawa-san which is one of my favorite character from the show.

Anyway, it's been a good show filled with excellent (well, not really) eccentric characters. More importantly it has Erio, who tastes like diabetes. Deep inside of my heart I wish for Denpa Onna season 2. I know the probability is low but it isn't entirely impossible so yeah, let's keep our finger crossed.
...And now I feel like cheering for Shu. How dare that bastard Argo lays his hand on Prince Void! Blasphemy! Go Shoe! Kill every single of annoying characters in the show! If you do that then probably Guilty Crown will become the greatest anime of all time. Or not. Because reviving a dead character is pretty dumb even by Guilty Crown standard. And by standard I mean everything in this show is dumb. Hueheheheheeeheeeheeasdad
lol 2deep4u?
For some strange and unexplainable reasons, I still watch B★RS even though it's neither good nor interesting enough to caught my attention. However I must admit that the fight scenes were cool. You don't often watch a spider robot using macarons as bullets. Black★Rock Shooter herself is cool too. Especially when her eyes started glowing blue and she cut her enemy's head. Cutting your enemy's head apart is probably the most satisfying victory you can get. One day I'm gonna cut my arch-nemesis's head apart and without looking back, I sheath my sword. Then I leave without saying anything. Cool.
Damn, the most painful cliffhanger so far. Looks like this show is trying to cover as many as possible fetishes. Bravo Shaft, bravo.

Meanwhile, that Kaiki dude looks like he's a really dangerous villain. I can feel all sort of evil aura from his appearance. Hey Karen-chan, I'd stay away from that guy if I were you.

P.S. Araragi made me so damn jelly as usual.
'sup Hitler? How's the Shoelocaust going?

Man, I thought this episode was pretty boring, until shit happened. No, not the shit with Hare. I saw that coming miles away. I was more surprised when Shu suddenly punched that annoying guy. I screamed in happiness when that happened. About fucking time someone bring pain to that dipshit. Good decision, Shu. Heil, Mein Shuhrer!

P.S. The show is still dumb as usual.
P.S.S. We need more trainwreck. Preferably worse than the one in CG.
So out of curiosity I finally watched this anime without having any expectation at all. Grabbed the very first sub that out today, I proceed to enjoy the sight of this Japanese cartoon. Sure, at least it isn't disappointing by any means, but neither it is impressive too. Once again I failed to see why this anime airs in noitaminA slot.

Sure, why the hell not
Black Rock Shooter is about a girl named Mato. One day Mato got bullied by a loli out of jealousy toward her. Mato got really upset and went home without eating her curry. The scene suddely shifted to a post-apocalyptic world where a girl that looks like the one from a certain Hatsune Miku video got ran over by a bulldozer and violated by a spider robot. The scene back to Mato when she tried to befriend a bespectacled girl in art club. The said girl was too moved by the circumstance and she cried shining tears. The end.

Having watched the OVA back then in 2010, I still cannot grasped any meaning behind the 'two worlds'. Mato and Black Rock Shooter maybe the same person, maybe not. She's probably her persona or something. I won't try to find some deep connection between these two, I'll leave that task for someone else. The animation is pretty okay in my book. The fighting scenes are cool and stuff. I won't complain anything at this point.

This anime has several cool shots that worth to be set as wallpaper 
One fun fact is that the ED (probably it's the OP?) is sung by none other than our beloved virtual diva Hatsune Miku. It is the Black Rock Shooter song we knew and loved, even better because of it's getting rearranged by ryo. I remember I was complaining about the lack of this song in the 2010 OVA. As far as I know this is pretty much the first involvement of Miku in anime OP/ED. Here's hoping for more in the future.
Slutty school girls doing slutty things! How exciting!
No, this isn't Euphoria ep.2
Just kidding. I have to admit it, this anime is actually funny. The first episode has some dirty jokes, beware. The second is just a normal comedy. In my opinion, it's worth my time. I had some good laughs, also, have you ever heard Yoko Hikasa shouted "Strip, bitch!" in anime other than this?

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