Holy freakin' cow she talks!! Shinobu is talking!!!

In fact, Shinobu is pretty talkative. I can't believe that we have an episode where Shinobu (voiced by our lovely Maaya Sakamoto) talks with Ararararagi for almost an entire episode while taking a bath together, naked. Goddammit. Blond loli vampire. Naked. I'm going to hell. (Well, not so fast though. Not until I watch the episode on BD). Honestly I spent more time staring at Ararararagi's johnny and Shinobu's golden hair (no, I wasn't looking at her chest or anything! I swear!) than paid attention to the dialog they've spoken. So forgive me because I can't talk much about the plot.

But that's not all! We have Tsubasa too! Even though I'm not exactly her fan like a certain comrade, I'd be lying if I say I'm not glad to see her. I do wonder about her hair and glasses though. But boy she is so cute with that short hair. Next time I watch Nisemonogatari, I'll remember to always keep a defibrillator near me.
Because none of the pics I took from the episode were interesting, have some Tsugumi's ass.

You know what? This episode is way too funny, I couldn't stop laughing all the way. Doll-making Hand Scanner Void? Hahaha. Void ranking system? Hahaha. Genomic Resonance Gauge? Hahaha, funny name. New student council president? Hahaha. Shoe is the only person that would fit as a leader? HahahHAHahAHAahgAAA.
Better late than never. Here is episode 14 and 15 of P4.

Episode 14
Brotag is surely a manbulous lad. He sets a truly inspiring example for other anime male leads. All the ladies want him, guys want to be like him.

Mmm yes, I love how episode 14 was beautifully executed. True, this was nothing more than just a filler episode for several social links that aren't the main ones. However it actually managed to get its shit done, all in one entertaining episode. THIS is how a filler episode should be done.

Episode 15
Another bloody entertaining episode. Honestly I can almost say that I enjoy the filler more than the actual storyline. These characters are just too fun to watch. Especially the brotag. He's da man.
Holy damn, Carnival Phantasm has ended. It's been a great journey for us all. Still, I think there's not enough Tsukihime screentime though. I wonder if they will make another season of this. What's with Fate Zero characters appearance? And why the hell I heard Sajou Ayaka's voice at the end? Talk about cocktease!

And good for you Lancer, no more death and suffering!

Pop quiz: Can you name everyone on these screenshots?
Yes, I do :p and I'm not even a Type-Moon fag!
Dayum, I think I can enjoy the sight of Hitagi blushing forever.

Looks like the story in Nisemonogatari is finally starting to rise up to the surface. But more important than that, we have a Hitagi episode! Gawd, there's so much win in this episode. Hitagi goes on her jelly-mode and starts insulting Churaragi? Win. Ararararagi breaks the handcuffs as soon as he hears his sister needs help? Win. Hitagi goes dere dere? Win, win and win. All hail Shaft and Shinbo!

(Still no Tsubasa appearance yet. At least she gets mentioned at the last part.)

(Also, my Nisemonogatari post is getting shorter and shorter.)
You know, I was joking when I said they would hold a school festival. Much to my surprise, they've really done it this episode! They threw it along with some crappy plot as usual. Our good ol' director and script-writer still don't know what they're doing, eh?

They paired Tsugumi with Daryl? Dafuq?
HOLY DAMN, MEGAUPLOAD IS DONE FOR. THESE ARE DARK TIMES MY FRIEND, DARK TIMES INDEED. Now where can I download my japanese cartoon porn games :(
Aquarion EVOL
Hell, this show is pretty damn entertaining no kidding. It almost makes me want to watch the prequel, just for the FABULOUS GATTAI. Who wouldn't want to watch a cartoon about robot powered by orgasm anyway? (Also, now everytime you fap you can shout something like "I'm being torn apart!!!")

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!
>What I expected: Oni Chichi 3
>What I got: Jailbait
Move along, move along.

Rinne no Lagrange
This show got potential. I mean, you don't normally see a mecha doing a wrestling move against another mecha. But other than that the action is nothing compared to over-the-top action in Aquarion EVOL so I guess I'll watch several episode before making a decision.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Out of all anime I've watched this season, this anime is the least interesting to be honest. Not that it's boring or anything. If you like the "idols defeat aliens by using their beautiful voice" concept then you'll probably like this too. But this is just not my thing. I like Nana Mizuki though.

So that's all for Winter 2012 anime impression. Contrary to my previous belief, this season is probably better than expected. Still, it's just the beginning. There are more to come.
Oh man, so much HHHNNNGGG in this episode. SHAFT, are you trying to kill me from heart attack?

(I wish I had more time to make a long post but unfortunately there isn't. Instead I just post a short review like the usual.)

The OP is changed, now with Karen's seiyuu KitaEri on the vocal. The song itself is pretty nice. Catchy as usual. The whole episode consists of, obviously, talking and talking. Arararararagi deals with three girls: Nadeko, Karen and Kanbaru. The best part of the episode is of course Kanbaru, now hotter and sexier than before. The episode ends with Kanbaru's reverse sekuhara on Arararararagi which is probably a divine punishment for what he had done in the previous episode. The ED theme is sung by ClariS titled Naisho no Hanashi. Quite an admirable song I must say. As expected from my favorite singer duo. It is worth mentioning that the song was composed by ryo, of the supercell fame.

So far they've re-introduced almost all characters from the prequel, minus Tsubasa and Shinobu so probably next episode will be focused on those two or probably not. Well, I just hope at least Shinobu says a few words because SHAFT is fucking hired Maaya Sakamoto as her seiyuu. How can you hire a famous voice actress and give her a blank script? (What? Aya Hira-who?)
Finally I, after stopped thinking too much about the plot holes;about how the characters suck and other dumb matters related to it, can watch Guilty Crown with one and only intention in my mind: to have a pure entertaiment. It worked. This episode is more entertaining when enjoyed that way.

So Gai died and Shoe is still alive. Those two were actually childhood friends along with Shoe's sister Mana. Shoe used to have more balls when he was a kid and Gai wanted to be like him. Such an irony that Shoe wants to be like Gai all these time. Overall this is a rather nice episode. There's some incest treat in this episode too, if you fancy that thing.

This is the continuation of last post.

First episode is, eh... kinda okay for me. I've been told that this anime is similar to Onegai Teacher but I've never seen that so I can't make any comparison or whatever. I probably gonna stick around a few episodes before deciding to continue or drop.

Inu x Boku SS
Ah yes, obligatory fujoshi bait. What's with the bishie and all. It's a great anime when I watched it at 2x speed. Believe me, go try it! Still, there's no way I can follow this show weekly so I must drop it for my own good.

Mouretsu Space Pirates
This one is obligatory "X added with moe element" kind of anime. This time it's space pirate + moe. Don't know how it'll work, so I think I'm gonna watch a few episode to make sure it makes sense or not.

Thermae Romae
Okay hahaha Thermae Romae is friggin' hilarious. Never thought this anime will aired in noitaminA slot. I've read a few translated chapters of the manga before and I think the anime executed the story pretty well. It's only 3 episodes so it won't hurt to have a nice change of pace from the usual anime I watch.

Yes, another post down!  There's still part 3 so stay tuned in MINORU'S BLOG.
New season, more anime to watch. Same as always. Except there's too little time to watch every anime that comes out everyday. Because of that, one must make his choice of what anime he will watch for the rest of the season. Here's my first impression of those new anime that come out recently, as well as my judgement of whether I will continue to watch the show or not.

The first episode was alright I think. It definitely has some creepy moments thanks to the mischievous background music that played in the episode. The art is really pretty, which PA Works once again has proved their talent in making scenery porn. I think I'm gonna follow this anime for a while until I can give my verdict.

Kill Me Baby
Don't know how to feel about this show. At times it's a pretty nice light-hearted comedy but it bored me to death as well. I think I'll drop this as the jokes in this anime aren't my cup of tea. I prefer more hilarious one like...

Probably the best gag of this season. Brought to you by the same director who did Gintama, Daily Lives of High School Boys aka Nichibros is really more than enough to fill my comedy slot for this season.

(Thanks again to gecd who made me intrigued to check out the preview eps)

I've already said more than enough. Anymore word spoken will be a waste of time.

Recorder to Randsell
No thank you, I've seen funnier anime which ran around 2 minutes long. I also think the hey-it's-an-elementary-school-boy-in-a-man's-body joke will be overused to death. So, no.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
D'awwwww it's so cute. I must admit I'm such a sucker for cat and cat-shaped creatures like Aria Sachou so yeah I'm gonna watch this for da lulz. It's only 3 minutes anyway so nothing of value was lost.

Hell yeah, another one of my favorite manga has officially announced to be adapted to anime! This time it's a great manga that I found by chance recently. Uchuu Kyoudai a.k.a Space Bros is a manga about two brothers who want to be astronauts and go to space. Isn't that awesome? Yes, SPAAAAAAAAACEEE is awesome.

When they were young, Mutta the big bro and Hibito the young bro made a promise that they will become astronauts together and go to space. Nine years later, Hibito has become an astronaut and set to become the first Japanese to land on the moon. On the other side, his brother Mutta has just recently become unemployed after head-butting his boss (Zidane's style).

One day, Mutta receives a certain letter from JAXA (probably Japanese counterpart of NASA) informing him that he will participate in the new astronaut selection test. Thus the manga follows his progress in the test. In later chapter he will meet other test participants like himself.

Uchuu Kyoudai is one of the best manga I read recently, beside Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Personally, I like the premise of this manga. I like how it approaches the space-theme in a realistic way. It is interesting to find out how one can become an astronaut. I'm sure many of us have a dream of becoming an astronaut when we were young, well, this manga is definitely for you!
Summer 2009. It was around that time I started watching anime on weekly basis and one of the first anime I watched weekly was Bakemonogatari. It was a rather unusual anime for me at the time, a bit strange at first impression but slowly it grew on me. I cannot tell you enough how much I love that show except for the "9" score I gave to it on my MAL.

Winter 2012. Almost three years later, the much waited sequel is finally here. Nisemonogatari is without a doubt a Bakemonogatari successor. The first episode gave me everything I love from the prequel: the smart verbal sparring, unique visual style (aka Shaft being Shaft), fanservice, nice bgm and more Hitagi Senjougahara!! I dare to say that Nisemonogatari is going to be one of my favorite anime of this year.

But enough with the chit chat, let's get to the episode itself!

Hell yeah, can't have a Shaft anime without reaction images. Gotta love the verbal abuse from Hitagi in the first 5 minutes. When I watched it I was like "Oh I won't mind getting verbal abused by her! In fact, I'd kill for it!"

Senjougahara Fascination™. Also, Araragi's ahoge is flexible as always.

Pffft ha ha ha ha. Damn, laughed so much during the entire scene with Hitagi and Arararararagi. They're like a S&M couple and it's pretty much obvious who's S and who's M. 

The first OP "Futakotome" is once again sung by Saito Chiwa. It's pretty neat and I love it as much as I love "Staple Stable",

From the first season we knew that Arara- erm, Koyomi isn't exactly at good term with his imouto(s). Maybe that's why he seek for another imouto for his harem? That bastard, even though he already has two cute imouto(s). 

I always love Shaft's architecture. I'm gonna hire whoever responsible for designing Araragi house someday to design my room.

 Koyomi is oblivious as always. Even Tsukihi pities him. Poor Nadeko-chan. Status: Friendzone'd.

He is really a true child molester. Beware of this guy, kids. I mean he is so creepy when dealing with Mayoi. Eww, damn lolicon. Where is the police at time like this? Oh wait, Mayoi is a ghost. There's no law that forbid you to grope a loli ghost. I see what you did there, Shuraragi.

(Also, there are so many references in this episode I can't get them all ww)

Now you can buy 愛 for 298 yen! Go to nearest convenient store! Make sure it is not a half-priced version!

I have to admit that Mayoi Snail is my least favorite arc in Bakemonogatari. But damn she is too cute to resist. Until I suddenly heard Emirin used her Kyubey's voice here. CANNOT UNSEE MAN.

Personally I enjoyed the seemingly random banter from Mayoi and Araragi that somehow lead us to the fact that Araragi only share his own problems with Meme and Mayoi. Only in Monogatari series I can watch the characters talked for a whole episode and not getting bored.

And that wrapped the episode nicely. This is definitely a satisfying episode and it's only the first! I have a high expectation for Nisemonogatari and I hope it will stay entertaining till the end of season.