2011 is leaving, 2012 is upon us, etc etc. You guys know I'm not very fond of poetic words. Anyway it's finally my time to announce my favorite anime of 2011. Without anymore useless bullshit, here I go.

10. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Guilty pleasure o' mine. Enjoyed every single episode. Interesting characters, nice animation and enough amount of fanservice to satisfy my hunger.

9. Tiger & Bunny
One of the two surprises of 2011. This is superhero anime done right. Also, I like Wild Tiger, no homo.

8. Ben-To
Another surprise here. Good fight animations, arguably good main lead and nice harem (aside from Ume because Ume is suck. Sorry fallendevil bro)

7. Nichijou
Goddamn this anime is funny. Never did in a single episode I not shed tears of laughter.

6. Fate/Zero
Superb animation done by ufotable. Nice balance of talking and fighting. Episode 5 is one of the best anime episode of the year.

5. Mawaru Penguindrum
Unique anime that relies much on symbolism and survival strategy. And gosh those adorable penguins!

4. Hourou Musuko
Pretty interesting view on crossdressing. It's sweet, awkward and harsh at the same time. (Man, I dunno what the fuck am I writing anymore)

3. Steins;Gate

2. Usagi Drop
A heartwarming and down-to-earth anime. One could not simply watch Usagi Drop without adoring Rin and whatever she is doing. And for the love Haruhi, no second season please.

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
This is it. All of my tears, rage, despair, hope and entropy are in this anime. Being Meguca is suffering. Remember folks, She died for our sins. 4/22/2011 never forget.

Honorary mentions:
Level E
Hanasaku Iroha
Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

That's it. The details will be done in a few hours because I'm gonna watch my sister playing fireworks. I'm a good oniichan after all ( ´_ゝ`) Done. My top ten list is quite predictable, isn't it? What about you?

Oh, also, happy new year dear readers! May 2012 bring us fortune just like 2011 was.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us begin the Senjougahara Fascination movement once again.
Yozora deredere mode is the miracle of the universe.

Ahh, Haganai finale is sure a best way to enjoy your holiday. In the final episode, we saw the first Yozora x Kodaka encounter (episode 1) from Yozora perspective which is not exactly what we thought happen. I admit this adds more character depths to Yozora.

But wait. Let's talk a bit about episode 11, shall we?

First thing first, glad to see the OreImo casts still around.

Rika.. my God, motherfuckin' Rika!! Chocobanana blowjob! Too bad she's officially friendzone'd this episode. Even after she won a Xbox360 for Kodaka. Thankless bastard.

Ponytail Sena!! Praise the heavens!! I quite like the part where Kodaka and Sena talked about why he won't dye his hair. I can feel they're getting more and more intimate.

While the others have their own parts as well, the focus on the final episode is, well, Yozora.
I love her short hair more than long hair :3 Kinda changed her image.

My favorite part of the episode www. Their classmates were like, "A weird-smelling liquid you can't wash out?" I was smiling nonstop because I know someone would gladly make a doujin about that.

I was afraid for a second because this episode was leaning toward Yozora end. But fear not, my fellow Sena fanboys! This anime took the legendary 'everything goes like usual' path which means Sena still has a chance.

Oh Rika you crazy girl. Also, notice how everyone but Sena failed to notice that the girl is in fact Yozora. Oh, and that ikemen costume is perfect for Yozora! Good job Rika.

So because this post is getting nowhere (I just merely dumping pictures) so let's end this with final impression. Even though there's nothing brilliant with the plot, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai successfully entertains me from start to finish. Considering the fact that I'm an avid fan of the light novel, I can proudly say that I love the anime adaptation. I love the characters, their own 'unique' traits and their interactions with each other. I like how the Neighbors Club try to do what those popular people do and ended up miserably.  While I call this anime my guilty pleasure of the season, it's actually my most favorite Fall anime, along with Ben-To  and Fate/Zero. Here's hoping for another season of Haganai!

Soo with this Mitsuo Kubo's arc ended. Nothing special in this arc but I admit I was a bit fooled during the boss battle segment. I thought they gonna pulled a bad/rushed ending on this anime fortunately I was wrong. Spamming those Persona attacks was kinda cheating though.
Finished Mawaru Penguindrum and I liked the ending. Honestly I didn't think they can pull a nice ending like that. I'm impressed. Sure, there are plot holes here and there but overall the plot was nicely done. Also, the character development in Penguindrum is great. This is definitely one of the best anime of the year. Now I think I'm gonna miss my weekly dose of Penguins ;__;
Art by ガガ
Now that 2011 is finally reaching its end I can finally say it:

What a great year it was!

At least when it comes to anime and video games. In this year we encountered handful numbers of great anime. This is definitely the best year I've had since I joined the community. Also, I met a lot of new people and blogging buddies.

Well, since I've never been good with an opening paragraph, let's cut it short. I watched lots of anime during these past twelve months. In this post I will write about those anime. Let's just say I'm doing this for some sort of reminder for future read and also a reminder for how great this year was. Here we go.

(Beware long post ahead!)

Winter 2011 (January - March)
Looking far back to the starting point of 2011, it didn't sound too promising. And in fact, it really didn't. Except there is this one pretty cool anime called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Thus my life will never be the same again. What can I say about Madoka that hasn't already been said? You too probably have already watched it and loved it.

I'm not sure how much of you that actually watch Level E but I'm sure I do. To tell you the truth, it was one of those surprising hits-type of anime. I wonder if I will still remember that show in 3 or 4 years later but the point is, I was entertained by it. The alien prince and his trolls, the alien mating season, the baseball episode... I'm still smiling as I'm typing this.

Another brilliant anime of this season is Hourou Musuko. I love its coming-of-age story and characters. And how they struggled with this so called 'puberty' thingy. It is a rather light anime yet it deals with the problem in a mature way.

Aaaand, there are always empty slots for shitty anime. In this season those slots are occupied by Infinite Stratos, Fractale and Korean Zombie Desk Car. IS and Korean Zombie are pretty much fanservice anime no matter how you look at them. Fractale is, well, used to be a savior of anime. And then Yamakan took an arrow in the knee.

Watched: 6 / Liked: 3

art by 35
Spring 2011 (April - June)
Spring season of this year is probably the most exhaustive season in my life. I watched a grand total 13 anime not included some anime from previous years that I watched. One of the sole reason I could watch that much anime was my brand new laptop I got for new semester. Because of that now I can watch anime at night. Sleep? Who needs it?

Let's start with Steins;Gate. That's with a semicolon ';' always remember that. I dare to say that Steins;Gate is one of the best visual novel to anime adaptation. A perfect mix of comedy, SCIENCE, moe, slice of life, drama and romance. Don't forget to add the most charming male character ever, Okarin and his trusty assistant/sidekick/lover Kurisu(tina) to those combinations and you got one of the best anime in recent years. The fact that Daru has wife and children also shed some light of hope to those ronery otaku out there.

As a fan of comedy and nonsense jokes, I found Nichijou amusing. Not only it is one of the funniest anime this year but it also proves it can be quite popular with mainstream people. I once recommended it to several of my friends in campus and they liked it. But when I recommended Berserk for them nobody likes it :(

Next in line is Tiger & Bunny. At first I don't even know what to expect but slowly it grows on me. Who knows that an anime about superhero can be this interesting?

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko has this strange charm that keeps me glued to the screen as I watch Erio wrapped herself in futon and ate pizza. Oh, and what's the news about the last episode? Is it out yet? Also, DAT OP.

Ano Hana is an anime that many folks considered it as the most tearjerking anime ever. I called it bullshit because not even a single tear was shed when I watched this anime. One of the most annoying thing in Ano Hana is that everyone was so obsessed over a single little girl. A goddamn dead little girl. Dead, as in drowned to death. And it also has an annoying character who like to dress as said dead little girl.

For a slice of life series, Hanasaku Iroha ain't so bad. We got the usual drama, comedy, romance and Ohana being Ohana moments. And this show teaches us to bonboru over something.

I'm running out of words so here are the rest of Spring anime: C, Ao no Exorcist, Deadman Wonderland, TWGOK II. There are also some short anime, like Fireball Charming, 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, and Yondemasu yo Azazel-san which all were entertaining enough to keep me, uhh, entertained.

Watched: 13 / Liked: Everything except Deadman friggin' Wonderland

art by ハ ル@ついった
Summer 2011 (July - September)
Actually Summer 2011 [opinion]wasn't too great[/opinion]. But at least it's better than 2010's Summer season. The fact that there were still some ongoing anime from Spring such as Steins;Gate, Nichijou, Tiger & Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha and Ao no Exorcist definitely helped.

Usagi Drop is one rare anime that focused on parenting and such. It was lucky of me that I discovered its manga before the anime aired. In instant I fall in love with the characters, like Rin, Daikichi or Kouki. No one can resist Rin's cuteness after all.

One problem with Dantalian no Shoka is that the anime wasn't long enough. I felt it was such a waste of potential that the anime could be much better. Regardless of that, I still pretty much like it. It somehow reminded me of Kino's Journey, my favorite anime of all time. Dear Gainax, please make season 2 of Dantalian no Shoka and while you're at it, Panty & Stocking too.

I was about to argue that Mawaru Penguindrum is the best anime of Summer 2011. And how! It is filled with penguins! Everyone knows penguins are awesome. And that's not all. It also has some FABULOUS MAX moments in later episodes. The comeback of this Ikuhara guy is just as expected.

Last anime from Summer 2011 that I watched is Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni. Too bad it's not as wacky as the first season instead it was more focused on character progression. Oh at least I can get my Hideyoshi fix.

Watched: 4 / Liked: 4

art by Kantoku
Fall 2011 (October - December)
Here we go with the current season. So far Fall 2011 is as good as it looks. We have Persona 4 The Animation which is adapted from the so popular JRPG of the same name. And yeah, it's pretty damn entertaining I tell you. Then we have our favorite guilty pleasure, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Nothing could go wrong with Fall 2011.

That was before we introduced to a monstrosity called Guilty Crown. Everything is so wrong with this anime. I still can't say much because it, God forbid, may get better later but we can't count on it.

Fortunately there are some anime such as the fantastic Fate/Zero which is currently my favorite contender for anime of the year and Ben-To which has incredibly satisfying fight scenes. Don't forget Mirai Nikki, even though the recent episodes were pretty bad.

For the calm atmospheres, I watched Chihayafuru and Tamayura ~Hitotose~. Hell, those two are pretty decent despite nothing much happen on them.

Watched: 8 / Liked: 7.5 (the line between like and hate in Guilty Crown is quite thin)

Other (+Movies)
Blessed my life, for the long holiday I had from June to August (yep, three months!) so I could finish some of my backlog during those times.
Here is the list of anime I completed during those time:

Cowboy Bebop
Kuchuu Buranko
The Tatami Galaxy
Serial Experiments Lain (rewatch)
Kino's Journey (rewatch)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (rewatch)
Strike Witches
Break Blade
Dead Leaves
Millenium Actress

That was so much that I almost thought I should get a life. There were movies too, but only two stood out: a over-the-top racing anime Redline and Makoto Shinkai's cloud pr0n anime Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo. Redline is so awshum it blows my mind and Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo looks pretty too. There are other movies such as 2nd Macross movie, Colorful, or Towa no Quon but I admit I haven't watch those. Some day, maybe.

I guess that's all for this post. tl;dr: 2011 is a great year for anime. I don't know when I will post the next part of this post but be sure to look forward to it!
Yeah, it's been out for a while and in fact I have rewatched all the episodes like three times already so it's about time I write about this anime a little. Daily Lives of High School Boys is a slice-of-life comedy anime that will be aired in the next season. To tell you the truth the anime roster for Winter 2012 looks awful (which is one of the reason why I haven't make a preview post for next season. The other reason is well, Skyrim). There isn't any title that I am looking forward to other than Nisemonogatari. Then I discovered about this anime which pre-air episodes have already released. And much to my surprise, those four pre-air episodes were actually funny! They only run for about 5 minutes per episode so I recommend you to give it a try. I hope the TV series can be as entertaining as the pre-air episodes.
Finally, a striptease episode. I love Rise's dungeon theme. Too bad it doesn't play a lot during this episode.

Kanji is so badass this episode. And so does Teddie. Also, he has the coolest shadow-self of all character so far:
It's a bit cheating that they don't actually fight him in the anime. I quite remember that Teddie's Shadow is one of the toughest boss in the game. Sigh.

Anyway, next episode will sure be as entertaining as this episode.
Mmm FRESH MEAT indeed
Beach episode means fanservice episode and indeed it delivers. We have lolis in bikini, trap (or not) in bikini, the aforementioned FRESH MEAT, and train porn (oh Rika). It even has a rather erotic footjob scene by Yozora. AIC Studio my friends, you have done your job very well.

Omigod, this scene. THIS FUKKEN SCENE. I won't mind getting stepped on by Yozora. I'm going to hell, am I. Also, Kodaka, you're one lucky sonuvabitch. EXCALIBUUUUUUUUR!!

Rika, you're quite a show-stealer. Aside from Meat x Yozora of course. C81 doujin, here I come!!!

Do mine eyes tell me lies, an end card by Kantoku? HHHNGGGGG-

Looks like next episode is that episode, isn't it? Short-haired Yozora is fine too.
Lagi-lagi artikel Indie Game of the Week ini mengalami penundaan. Jika ada yang harus disalahkan, Skyrim-lah jawabannya. Entah sudah berapa jam saya habiskan untuk membantai naga-naga dan menangkap kupu-kupu dalam game itu. Yah, mungkin ntar bakal saya tulis review game itu tapi kini mari kembali ke topik. Jika tiga judul game indie yang saya bahas sebelumnya mungkin sudah sering didengar namanya, game yang kali ini akan saya bahas adalah game indie yang menurut saya agak underappreciated berjudul And Yet It Moves. Game ini dikembangkan oleh developer indie asal Austria yang bernama Broken Rules. Game ini bergenre puzzle platformer dengan sedikit "bumbu" agar terlihat beda dari game lainnya. Silakan lanjutkan membaca untuk mengetahuinya.

Sejauh yang saya tahu, tidak ada unsur cerita dalam game And Yet It Moves ini. Disini player menggerakkan seorang karakter tanpa nama yang hidup di dunia yang tampak terbuat dari serpihan-serpihan kertas. Tujuan utama game ini adalah menggerakkan si karakter menuju akhir level. Cukup simpel, bukan?

And Yet It Moves adalah sebuah game platform dengan sedikit twist, player dapat memutar dunia game yang ada sejauh 90 atau 180 derajat. Jadi selain menggerakkan karakter ke kiri atau kanan dan melompat seperti layaknya game platform biasa, gamer juga dapat memutar balik dunia biasanya berguna untuk melewati rintangan-rintangan yang ada sepanjang level.

Bagaimana cara player agar menjadikan kemampuan memutar dunia ini berguna? Sebagai contoh yang paling sering ditemukan di sepanjang permainan adalah melewati tebing yang normalnya tidak bisa dilompati. Player dapat melompat dari tebing tersebut dan kemudian memutar dunia sejauh 90 derajat agar dinding tebing tadi dapat dijadikan tempat mendarat yang aman dan karakter yang kita mainkan dapat melanjutkan perjalanannya.

Yang menarik, kemampuan untuk memutar dunia ini tidak bisa di-abuse seenaknya. Misalnya si satu level, sebuah batu besar ditempatkan dengan strategis agar jika player memutar dunia maka batu tersebut akan menimpa karakter yang malang itu. Tentunya mau tak mau kita harus memutar otak untuk mencari jalan teraman untuk melewati sebuah rintangan. 

Hmm teori Newton sepertinya tidak berlaku disini... *splat*
Di dalam game ini, karakter yang kita kontrol tidak bisa melakukan hal selain bergerak ke kanan atau kiri dan melompat. Namun di berbagai level sering dijumpai beberapa hal yang cukup 'berbahaya' yang dapat menyerang player. Nah, bagaimana cara menghindarinya? Dengan kemampuan memutar balik dunia tentunya! Yang jelas rintangan yang ada sangat beragam dan unik sehingga kita harus pintar-pintar mencari jalan keluar dari permasalahan.  

Untungnya meski cukup dapat membuat frustasi sebagian gamer, game ini cukup memaafkan. Banyak checkpoint yang dapat ditemukan di sebuah level, yang tentunya akan disambut baik oleh para gamer yang hobi membuat si karakter menjemput ajalnya.

.::Visual & Audio::.
Jika ada yang indie developer ajarkan kepada saya itu adalah tak perlu grafis yang super-ultra-realistis untuk dapat tampil elegan dan memikat hati gamer. Lihat saja game-game indie sukses seperti Minecraft. Mata yang rabun pun bisa melihat kalau game tersebut memiliki grafis yang tidak bisa dibilang indah. Yang terpenting adalah bagaimana agar tampilan yang dimilikinya mampu tampak beda dan kalau bisa terlihat berseni. 

Hal ini pula yang dipikirkan oleh Broken Rules selaku developer And Yet It Moves. Tampilan visual game mereka direpresentasikan dengan potongan-potongan kertas. Baik itu dunia yang ada maupun makhluk-makhluk di dalamnya. Saya pribadi cukup terkesan dengan tampilan game ini yang menurut saya lumayan fresh dibandingkan game-game lain.

Selain hal diatas, ada satu poin lagi yang saya kagumi dari visualnya yakni tampilan bagkgroundnya yang berkesan surealis. Sedikit banyak mengingatkan saya pada game Yume Nikki. Audionya juga tidak mengecewakan meskipun harus diakui BGM-nya cukup minimalis. Salah satu bagian musik favorit saya adalah ketika tema musiknya berganti menjadi bergaya techno menjelang akhir permainan.

Judul And Yet It Moves mungkin terkesan asing di telinga gamer-gamer mainstream. Memang game ini seprti kurang mendapat perhatian dari kalangan gamer-gamer biasa. Namun menurut saya game satu ini sangat saya rekomendasi untuk dicoba, apalagi jika anda tipe gamer yang menyenangi puzzle-puzzle sulit. Durasi game ini juga sudah pas, tidak terlalu singkat juga tidak terlalu panjang. Cukup untuk mengisi waktu luang anda, terutama untuk anda yang tak segan untuk jatuh dari ketinggian 20 kaki dan mendarat dengan bunyi "skooch".

.::Next Week on IGOW::.
Behold space opera video game! Nope, just kidding. Yang jelas game yang bakal saya bahas selanjutnya ini sukses membuat frustasi saya dan teman-teman saya yang memainkannya. Kematian di dalam game ini adalah hal yang lumrah.

NB. Developer And Yet It Moves sedang dalam proses mengerjakan game mereka yang kedua berjudul Chasing Aurora. Rencananya game ini bakal dirilis tahun depan. Hmm sepertinya wajib ditunggu nih.
KANBA Y U DO THIS? Dammit Penguindrum, dammit. Another cliffhanger this week, eh? Ikuhara sure loves that stuff.

Anyway, Kanba is now the main villain... that was kinda unexpected. I still remember he was once an honorable guy who will do anything to make his sibling happy but then he took an arrow to the knee.

I like it how Masako has emerged as one of the most likeable characters much like Ringo in first cour of the show. Talk about Ringo.. that reminds me what happened to the diary stuff/Penguindrum? It seems everyone forget about it. Oh yeah, and the SEIZON SENRYAKU has been missing a lot in these several episodes.

Two more episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum, let's see how everything will be tied together.
>inb4 Mawaru Penguindrum: The Movie and more penis car.
Mmm I like my meat raw and fresh.

Oh yesh. This fukken episode wins. Now that you've got her father approval, don't wait any longer Kodaka. Leave that childhood friend of yours and go with those fresh meats instead.

Also, Yozora with horse mask reminds me of that ponytail rapist from Fumoffu www.

Yeah, Stella's an awesome servant. Not to mention she's quite hawt too.

Aww, Kobato+Sena combo~ doujin friggin' where
Oh yeah, next week will be a fuckin' beach episode. Which means moar meats ensue. Bonus: we're gonna get some footjob scenes. Prepare your bodies well, dear brothers!
Brotag here should teach Shu Ouma a thing or two about how to win an idol's heart.

Yay, it's Risette time! Rise is my second favorite female character from the game because she's totally hot (the first one is *ahem* Naoto). So I'm glad she got a "special treatment" in this episode, with special OP dedicated for her. Although I gotta admit that her singing sucks. The episode itself is pretty hilarious, especially with brotag's deadpan attitude towards almost everything in existence. Yosuke and Kanji aren't bad too. It's actually quite refreshing to watch an anime from this season that doesn't have any annoying male character.
There's a popular saying on /a/ that goes like this: "I drop Guilty Crown every week just so I can pick it up again and again, hoping it'll improve itself somehow. Now I know that feel.
Quick impression on Makoto Shinkai's new movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Eng: Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below).

It can't be denied that Makoto Shinkai is one of my favorite anime directors, for his magnificent works such as Voices of a Distant Star and 5 Centimeters per Second. Once again, he tried to work his magic into a new movie titled Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo.

As you may know, Shinkai's movies are famous for their beautiful backgrounds and fortunately, Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo has that trait too. Every frame from this movie is worth to be saved and then you may use it freely as wallpaper. They're just too pretty.

Well as for the story... I won't spoil you much. There is this girl named Asuna and one day she decides to embark upon a journey to a land called Agartha. This is a rather harsh journey, as she is constantly being chased by some sort of blood-lust creatures which resemble Mudokons from Abe's Oddysee.

There is usually a little problems with almost every Shinkai's movies. They tend to bore some viewers when the movies reached a halfway mark. Thank God it won't be a case with Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo. Though I still feel the duration of this movie is a bit too long.

The music from this movie is brilliant. Tenmon has done us a great justice with the killer soundtrack. In fact I've already listened to the OST several times even before I watch the movie and I'm still impressed everytime the music played in the movie.

Last, I want to mention the ending. And my God was it amazing, especially those last ten minutes of the movie. It's a bit sentimental but it was nonetheless a perfect way to end this movie. Not to mention the beautiful ED song that fits perfectly with the ending.

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo maybe isn't perfect, but it's close. For me, it scores 8.5/10. Don't ask where in the hell does the score come from. Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo is definitely a must-watch if you fall into one of these categories:

1.Fans of Makoto Shinkai's filmography
2.Fans of scenery pr0n anime
3.Fans of Ghibli and Ghibli-like movies
4.Just an anime fan who seek for a pure entertaiment
Exactly my face this episode
Dear Yukiteru, stop trying to make friends. Just stay with the hawt crazy yandere and you'll be fine. Sincerely, minoru.