So it ends. I feel empty inside. No more Nichijou. I sad.
In the latest episode of Dantalian no Shoka, we are introduced to two new characters, The Red Biblioprincess (Aka Yomihime) named Raziel and her keykeeper who is called Professor. So now we've known three Biblioprincesses: Dalian, Flamberge and Raziel. I believe Raziel (fyi: she has boobs, unlike the other two) and Professor are meant to be the antagonist of this anime but what's the point of introducing antagonist at the second-to-last episode? I mean, this isn't Angel Beats, is it?

The answer is probably we're gonna get a second season. Come on, this is Gainax we're talking about. They like to tease the viewer like they did in P&SG. Let's just hope there isn't anything crazy happening in the last episode such as Dalian getting sliced in 666 pieces or Huey become a batshit insane and killed everyone in the world using Phantom Books. That actually would be awesome though. 

An amusing episode with every single of my favorite characters appear with their own jokes. Also, Sasahara is a quite fabulous guy with Gundere-chan and Mio compete to win his heart. Which one of them will Sasahara choose? The suspense is killing me!

No, this isn't a romance anime. This is a comedy show and it should stay that way. The amount of jokes in this episode is almost making me die from laughter. But there is also a rather heartwarming scene in the end of episode with that "Voucher for a Life-long Friendship" ;_; Ahh it's nice to be young...

Whoaa wait the fuck up, next week is the last episode? There's better be a goddamn funny anime in Fall or I don't know how I will relieve my stress every week.
I found it really hard to bring myself to watch the last episode of Usagi Drop because I know I'm gonna miss this show. But after gave it some times I finally watched it. I'm surprised to see it stays true to the manga till the end (before time skip arc, of course). I can say that the studio is doing a great job in adaptating this anime. There's no single episode that is not enjoyable. I know I'm gonna miss Usagi Drop so much. But for the love of humanity, no season two please! You know why.
I was browsing on some random internet pr0nz and Twitter and when I was about to log off I suddenly saw these on my timeline:
HOLYSHINBO!! At first I thought they were just some pranks because I never trust people on Twitter but then ANN confirmed this fuckawesome news:

I know that SHAFT and Shinbo don't have any anime for this Fall and they're probably up to some weird plan but this announcement is just too awesome. You know that when you see this character design:
You know what? All I need is Haruhi S3 announcement and my circle of life is complete.

PS: Official site here. They have a trailer and some shit.
It's finally over. El Psy Congroo.
Quite a satisfying finale with the last part left me speechless because its execution is so damn good. Steins;Gate is not as epic as I though it would be but it IS highly enjoyable nonetheless. Probably one of the best anime of 2011 (Still, Madoka is best of the best)

Okay, I'm sure I'll miss this series from now on. I'm so sad knowing that there is no more Mad Scientist every Wednesday to look forward to. But hold your horses, lads. SURPRISEEEEEEE!!! THERE IS A MOVIE ADAPTATION ANNOUNCEMENT!! I'm not sure what will become of this movie but I'm positive this is the choice of Steins Gate.

Here's a last pic of our favorite Mad Scientist, Hououin Kyouma:
This is uhh... unexpected. Inb4 deus ex machina ending. Or season two, pick carefully. (I don't mind to get another season actually)

During the whole episode I couldn't help but remember that heart-wrenching scene from Clannad After Story and I was afraid that somehow Usagi Drop would've taken that path. Fortunately those are just my wild imagination. Rin is safe and sound in the end of episode. Yay \(^ ^)/

So next week is the last episode. Remembering how good Usagi Drop is, I can't help but feel sad because no more Rin to look forward every week. So I really hope IG Production somehow make a satisfying original ending involving Daikichi and NItani-san getting married. A man can dream, can't he?

"Deceive your other self. Deceive the world."

Totally awesome episode with some great wham moments all over the episode. Future Okabe is still a fantastic mad scientist. I love it when Skyclad no Kansokusha played at the end of episode. Also, metal oopa is a Chekhov's gun. Lol.
Hey, isn't it Azumanga Daioh...
...or is it NGE?
My first reaction to this anime is: the fuck am I watching? Honestly I don't even know myself. Symbolism everywhere. Not that I care about it nor the plot. The main character is the girl version of Shinji Ikari. She whines and cries everytime it makes me want to give her an uppercut to her face. The ending doesn't make any sense at all. Zero. Null. It's obviously an attempt to get you to buy the manga and unfortunately that plan failed me. I can't find the manga anywhere other than a mere first six chapters from the first volume. So in short, unless you're a real masochist avoid Alien Nine like a plague. I won't recommend anyone to watch this 4-episodes OVA but hey, it clearly won't hurt to watch a classic anime sometimes, I just happen to have a bit free time. Really.

I'm gonna list three winning factors of this episode:
1. Makise Kurisu
2. Makise Kurisu
3. Makise Kurisu

B-but the kids are watching...
I knew this would happen eventually and I saw it miles away but still when I watched her crying suddenly my heart felt hurt. No kidding. I'm gonna say it here. I love Makise Kurisu. And Dr. Pepper.

Back to square one? I guess not.
Also, what happened during the credit surprised me. My mouth is still hanging now. Man seriously, I went from (;____;) to (0________0) at the end of credit. Does Steins;Gate just become the best anime of the season or what?