Hoo-ray! Moar nagi's stuffs incoming for this spring M3 doujin music event! You can visit M3 homepage for more information.

CorLeonis - Hyouka


First we have CorLeonis (nagi's solo circle) new maxi single. It will be titled Hyouka. It consists of 5 tracks. It produced by nagi herself. There's a demo you can listen in the official site.

binaria - Nachtflug


Next we have the duet project of nagi and Annabel, binaria. They will be releasing a new single Nachtflug (which is from my poor German knowledge I know it translated as "Night Flight"). It consists of (sadly) only 3 tracks. You can listen to the track samples from the site.

PolyphonicBranch - The Blue Album


Last, here we have my favorite doujin circle, PolyphonicBranch. I love PolyphonicBranch because they always pull an all-star casts for each album. This time we have: Hana (Usa), Chata, kikuyo, Yanagi Nagi, and Yurica (Hanatan). You can listen to the sample here (of course you need to have an account). By the way there is a counterpart The Red Album which sung by several male famous nico nico singers (sadly no clear).

Some other releases that I actually care are Annabel's ignis, Corky Voce's Kizuna, and Asriel's new single

thanks to ~natsunee and the usual Nakidori no Rakuen for the info.
Man, what the fuck did just happened. I just streamed the final two episodes of Madoka and.. fuck, I'm outta word to convey my feeling. It's just... oh God. Waiting for subs nao. Just to make sure, YOU WON'T FUCKIN BELIEVE THE ENDING.

P.S 4/22/2011 NEVER FORGET
P.P.S Still haven't get my copy of Portal 2 yet. Maybe I can calm down after playing that game.

Oh SHAFT is at it again. And by God, the OP is so bad yet I cannot stop listening to it. Now I'm looping it like, eleventh times already. By the way the show is pretty good. Give it a try guys.
Is it Thursday yet?   IS IT THURSDAY YET?? Because I can't wait to get my Meduka Meguca fix.

(Heh, also have a QB fanservice pic. You will now proceed to make contract with her. You can [not] refuse)
I have come to a rather a bit too early conclusion: Steins;Gate is an awesome anime. Let's take a look on the latest episode.

Just two episodes are enough to make me completely fall in love with this chick.

A reference to a certain tsundere animu? Approved.

IGIARI!! That shout-out! That posture!

(ETA until Phoenix Wright anime with Mamoru Miyano as Nick and Kana Hanazawa as Maya? We'll never have it ;_;)

 Ahh another cute girl appears. This show is getting better and bett-


Excuse me what did you say?

(Damn, cannot resist not to use that Battler pic)
There goes the cute miko is a 'he'.

Steins;Gate kept me entertained during the whole episode. I'm absolutely can't wait for the next episode.

PS: I know it there has to be a Chekhov's Gun trope somewhere in this anime.
PPS: I don't care about the noticeable art changes from the source material. They're both good after all (though I prefer huke's).
Okay, I admit that I'm not a fan of video game to anime adaptation so I'm not sure if I want this or not. But there's clearly one thing that I'm looking forward too:

I'm glad that they're going to use the game seiyuu for the anime. There are Ami Koshimizu, Rie Kugimiya and Yui Horie in the cast. I heard AIC will handle the animation for this one. Not much other information revealed at this point. You can go to the official site here. Well, I just hope it won't suck ass like the previous Persona anime.

PS: I realized that the anime adaptation announcement was similar to the event in the game which is April 2011.  I didn't think it was coincidence. My bet is that this is already planned a long way ago when the game was still hot.

Obligatory random pic (also Brosuke is my fave character in the game)

Whoa, Star Driver was amazing... no seriously. I'm actually happy that this show finally ends. I was able to enjoy this show to the fullest only because I never took it too seriously. How could I took Star Driver seriously if the words like libido, Galactic Pretty Boy, and IT'S A PIIINCHI were thrown randomly into the show? (and for God's sake, this blog made it even worse with all the SILAU-MAN stuffs, nice job kai-san). But that what it means by watching anime for fun. You can shuts your brain and enjoy it without too much thinking. Just enjoy all the hilarious moments in it.

Sometimes I feel that Star Driver has grown on me. I like all the random stuffs the characters were doing and of course, the battles. The battles were all great, by any means. One main problem is everything was solved by a single attack that came up from nowhere. Even the final battle was finished by a single punch from Tauburn. But like I said earlier, don't think too much.

Now with the technical stuffs. The animation is a top notch. As expected from BONES. All the Cybodies were beautifully animated. And don't forget the Zero Time. The soundtrack is great too. And special mention goes to the insert song. I like all the insert songs in Star Driver which were played during the battle, especially Monochrome.

Last but not least, I approved Star Driver as one of those anime that you should watch, even if just for the lulz. It is obviously not the best anime out there. Its plot needed a lot work and the ending was left a lot more questions but man listen to me for a sec, IT'S FABULOUS. Okay I shall take my leave now, stay classy folks and... (< ゝω・)☆ KIRABOSHI!

Derp, the only girl in this show that doesn't suck
 Last night I decided to watch Infinite Stratos after hours of brainstorming about whether I'm gonna finish this show or not. So, now I'm gonna tell you what I thought about it.

Actually I didn't have this show in my watchlist for spring season. The premise of this anime is really uninteresting one. It sounded too unoriginal. I couldn't though a reason why I should watch it. But yet everyone is bitching about this show and how the girls in this anime are really cute so I though I couldn't turn blind on it. It was hwever, turned out to be one of my dumbest decision ever.

Now I'm regretting every minutes I wasted on watching IS. I already knew that this show isn't worth watching at all but still I don't have any plan on Saturday night so why not.. is what I thought when I decided to watch it. But I never thought it would be THAT bad. The characters are all bland and dumb. I'm sure every single person in this show has an IQ lower than 90. Everytime I see the girls try to get Ichika into their pantsu somehow made me very annoyed and I ended up tearing my hair and screaming.

The idea about only little girl can pilots an IS is really retarded IMO. Then you have 15 year old girls that act like sluts in every episode. I really can't bear watching it yet I couldn't stop because it would be a waste if I stop at that point. And last, the final episode is just plainly stupid that I want to punch my monitor through the episode. I could go on and on telling you several more reasons of how bad Infinite Stratos is, but it's getting late so I'll stop right here.

Here is the summary: There isn't a single likeable character in IS. The plot is hollow, non existent. I still don't even know why I could finish the show. The only good thing I could remember is the amount of fanservice. To put it simply, IS is one of the worst anime I've ever watch in my life.
Via 1ndygo:
MBS refuses to air Madoka 11 and 12
Basically, MBS doesn’t want to air the final two episodes of Madoka for sensitivity reasons and doesn’t care what SHAFT or Gen Urobuchi have to say about it.

Apparently the delay being MBS’s fault is all but officially confirmed
We’ll have to see how things turn out, though the worst case scenario is that the last two episodes aren’t released until the DVDs come out around September.


Tell me this is all just a cruel and stupid joke. Goddammit, only two episodes more and we're done ;_;

Come, join the rage train
Fuck this shit, now I'm going to laugh at Yamakan's rage quit.