Today, one of my favorite singer Maaya Sakamoto is celebrating her 31st birthday. Wow she's really getting old, but I still love her from my deepest heart :D. Happy birthday, Maaya-san. May your songs always be sung again.

(On a related note, I just recently finished downloading Maaya Sakamoto 15th Memorial Live - Gift concert. Haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it's worth my bandwidth. Here is a random screenshot I took from the video)

Out of boredom, I decided to browse some vocaloid song through the youtube and found this song:

Wow, I'm speechless. This song is really great. Please do yourself a favor and watch the PV above. You cannot NOT love this song.

Apparently this song is a collaboration between several famous vocaloidP. There are Rerulili, Kihee, Baker, LiveP, OwataP, Nem, and KagomeP. The vocaloid involved in this song are Miku, Luka, Rin&Len, GUMI, Miku Append (sweet), and Yuki. Each with their own cute character design, especially Yuki.

Oh yeah, there is also a cover of this song by some folks over Nico Nico Douga. Awesome as usual.

Sengoku Rance is an awesome game. And I just finished this awesome game for the first time this morning on Sunday Morning. Feels good man.

I actually started to play this game like, 6 months ago. But I never proceed to finish it. I was just getting into this game again sometimes around last month. Then after that I played this game like there is no tomorrow.

Like I said before I finished this game for the first time, means that it is True History Route. And Sengoku Rance has three (or more) routes added when you finished the game for the first time. The I should play the other routes as well. Btw I proceed to final battle with Xavier at turn 223. Yeah, it was too much. Mainly because I wanted to clear every characters that I could. And I also cleared all the dungeons too.

Women want him, Men want to be him.. well sorta
When we at this let me remind you that Rance 8 is currently in work by Alicesoft. Expect the release date later this year. Well it looks like Rance got himself another slave.

Now, off to the 2nd playthrough.. Hmm what route should I choose this time? Ran IF? Kenshin? Oh wait before that I have to focus on the mid-term next week orz
One of my favorite doujin circle, Voltage of Imagination has released a song called 「がんばったら」 (Ganbattara) as a way to support Japan. The song was sung by none other than Chata.

As we knew that Japan is currently in the state of emergency and need several help regarding the situation there. So if you can, please help them!
So I watched Nichijou OVA. And I am disappointed. It was boring, really. I don't even think it was funny. Yeah some scenes made me chuckle a bit (pic above is one) but the overall episode was kinda hard to laughed off. To put it bluntly it lacks of emotion (and music maybe). I was kinda hoping it would be like Pani Poni Dash but I guess no luck. It is an OVA after all, I didn't expect that much.

It can't be helped
The OVA was divided into three parts. Part 1 is Praise, about Mio (the blue haired girl) who is trying to comfort Yuko for having a bad score test. Part 2, Cold, is all about a robot girl and Sakamoto-san (the black cat) who are trying to give a cold medicine to the loli professor. The third part is Reservation. It's about an empty train. Yeah you heard it right.

Fortunately this show has an awesome character, who is Sakamoto-san:
A talking black cat with red scarf? What do you mean, it's not awesome?
I can't get any better picture than this I guess :\
Eh I didn't know that Onani Master Kurosawa has a light novel version which is titled "Catcher in the Toilet". But that's another story for now, because what I want to talk about is the novel "Onani Master Kurosawa ~After the Juvenile~" that takes place two years after the school trip they took in middle school. Yes, this was released by a certain scanlation group back then in 2009, but at that time I wasn't aware of this nor the manga version.

I prefer Kurosawa x Takigawa shipping but Sugawa isn't bad too
I found this novel when I was re-read the manga version a few days ago. Then somebody told me that it actually has a novel version which he said has a true ending to the manga. I read it and I swear to God it was good. The story is kinda sad but heartwarming. It reminds me of my high school experience and how you should treasure your dear friends. The drama content was great as usual. Yeah, this is a great way to end the story from the manga.

You can read the translation here and there. Or if you prefer the pdf version here. All credit goes without saying to this great translator. Thanks for your hard work!

This is my favorite quote that I can related to:
This happy times will come to an end someday. A dream like today, in which we were all able to line up and take a picture together will not be possible in the future. That fact made me feel even more lonely than usual.

Holy Mother of God, my head was blown because the awesomeness of Madoka episode 10. Once again the speculah was proven to be true. Homura is really a time traveler and all this time she actually repeated all the events -ala Endless Eight- in order to prevent Madoka from being a Puella Magi. While this is not an unexpected development but still, I was a little shocked when realized the truth.

So far Homura has already loop four times with the current timeline being the fourth.

Original timeline
Homura is a shy, bespectacled girl.
Madoka is already becoming a Puella Magi (and looks like a pro too).
Mami died when fighting with Walpurgis Night.
Madoka died, but not transformed into a witch.
Homura forms contract with Kyubey thus becomes a Puella Magi.
Homura gains a power that can control time.
Homura loops the time.

1st Loop
Homura is still a n00b Puella Magi.
Homura teams up with Madoka and Mami to defeat the seifuku witch.
Madoka died and transformed into a witch.
Homura loops the time.

2nd Loop
Homura realizes that Kyubey is evil and she told the rest of Puella Magis.
Sayaka is a Puella Magi, and so is Kyoko.
Sayaka becomes a witch.
Homura kills Sayaka witch.
Mami goes batshit insane and kills Kyoko.
Madoka kills Mami.
Madoka and Homura was defeated by Walpurgis Night.
Madoka asks Homura to back to the past and prevent the tragedy happens.
Homura kills Madoka before she become a witch.
Homura loops the time.

3rd Loop (This is the 'dream' from episode one)
Homura is now a pro Puella Magi.
Madoka is not yet a Puella Magi.
Homura fights Walpurgis Night by herself and defeated.
Kyubey, once again tricks Madoka to become a Puella Magi.
Madoka defeats Walpurgis Night in one hit.
Madoka somehow turns into a witch.
Homura loops the time.

4th Loop (The current timeline)
Homura hunts Kyubey and encounters Madoka (event from episode 1)

This episode is without a doubt the most well-written Madoka episode so far. Keep up the good work Urobochi!

tl;dr : Homura is GAR

Edit: Here is the grapical chart of the timeline

Man what a sad news we had today. My deepest condolences for all the victims. Hope my animu everything will be just fine.

(Also some of events held in Tokyo gonna be cancelled. One of it is Reitaisai, an event related to Touhou)

Another one exceptional manga I just recently found. Gosh, I'm really being a slowpoke here. So what's this manga all about? It's just your average drama filled high school romance. Girl likes a boy. Except the girl (and other teenagers in this manga) has a supernatural power called "Iris". This Iris power can see something that can't be seen with normal vision. For example one character has iris that can see if a person is lying. Other can sense death. But our poor main character is'nt. He doesn't have an iris so everyone called him "Iris Zero". At this point the manga might sound too similar too Mx0 (which is sadly become sucks). But I told you no, it isn't.

The story is nothing new but it's very intriguing especially the last chapter. One can find the manga is a little too slow paced. Yes I cannot argue with that one. But it's getting more and more interesting later. I challenge you who critized this manga to read all the released chapter before judging it. The main character isn't an usual idiotic shonen type character. Instead he got brain and balls. He is definitely not Shinji Ikari.

As I said before, the latest chapter is one hell of a ride. I thought this manga is just a usual romantic comedy type but boy am I wrong. The tone just got darker as the protagonist appeared. I can't wait for the next chapter. The conclusion is, if you like romantic manga with some twist you have to read this manga. I guarantee you won't disappointed.
 Shit happens. Kyouko did a heroic sacrifice to save the day. And now I get more and more unsure about the ending.
This pic is depressing as fuck
On a very unrelated note, Junji Ito's Gyo got an anime adaptation by ufotable. What more can I say?
The recent special episode of Durarara makes me wanting more. There are more things to be explored in Ikebukuro. The novel should be enough for second season material. The anime has its flaws but it's enjoyable no matter what. And don't let me start with Baccano is better than Durarara argument.

Some of the screenshots:




Pop quiz: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Kida Masaomi?